Alberto El Patron

Alberto El Patron: “My fight At Slammiversary Will Be A Thousand Times Better Than Brock Lesnar vs. Samoa Joe”

Alberto Patron will be the new challenger of Impact Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley at the Slammiversary XV event. To promote his new fight, he decided to “hit” against the Great Balls of Fire starring event: Brock Lesnar vs. Samoa Joe .

In an interview with the former WWE Champion with Sports Illustrated , he said that his match at Slammiversary, compared to the WWE World Championship, will be “a thousand times better “:

“Our Fight [With Bobby Lashley] Is Going To Be A Thousand Times Better. I Have A Deep Respect For Brock Lesnar And Samoa Joe , And I Am Sure They Will Give The Fans An Incredible Fight, But They Will Be Limited By The Company’s Policies. That Company [WWE] Will Not Let Anyone Give One Hundred Percent To The Audience, They Will Contain Them While On The Other Hand Impact Wrestling! Says ‘There’s The Ring, Do Whatever You Want’ .

His opinion on his rival, Bobby Lashley:

“When You’re In The Ring With Bobby, You Can Feel It. You Know You’re Competing And Struggling With Someone Who Is Not An Entertainer. He Is A Real Fighter And An Athlete. When You Combine Two Fighters With The Same Style And The Same Background You Get Magic. That Will Happen At Slammiversary. We Will Go Beyond Normal, We Are Not Afraid, And That Is The Way In Which We Burst Into Business. If I Hit Him Hard, And He Kicks Me Hard, We’ll Be Comfortable, That’s Partly What We Want To Offer The Audience. “

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