Alberto Patron: “Mayweather And McGregor Will Hurt The Business”

Since his departure from WWE, Alberto the Boss has become one of the most sought-after fighters in the world. Currently, besides being the president of the MMA company, Combate Americas, is also part of the cast of Impact Wrestling, where he is the World Heavyweight Champion, and this Sunday he prepares to star in Slammiversary against the Global Champion of Full Weight GFW, Bobby Lashley , in which both titles will be unified.

The Patron was interviewed by ESPN , and this is what he said about this new stage in his career:

“From the first time I left WWE, the Impact people approached me, but unfortunately we did not come to an agreement because the offer was not right for me. But we continued in negotiations for almost a year, and when they managed to offer me what I was best at both creative and monetary level, it was when I was about to return to WWE and I could not accept.

“I came back from WWE for reasons everyone knows, and it was the perfect time because at Impact they were ready with the right offer, while I was ready and excited to work for them.”

About leaving WWE:

“The main reason I left WWE is because of the brutal route. I could not stand it anymore. I no longer wanted to be traveling for 210 or 220 days a year. That was one of the first things I talked about with Impact Wrestling. They asked me for a certain number of dates, and I told them that there was no way I could meet them, because I also have my dates in Combate Americas. If I gave them all the dates I would end up doing what I did with WWE, and I did not want that. I wanted to enjoy what I was doing. “

About Bobby Lashley :

“Our paths had never crossed. When he was in WWE, I still did not go in; When I arrived was when he was gone. At Impact, he was my first rival; My first fight was against him, and although it was the first time we shared the ring, everyone knew it and I knew it was going to be something fantastic because he is a fantastic fighter. He’s a real athlete and he’s a real fighter, just like me. “

On the fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor :

“To be honest, I’m disappointed that something like that is going to happen, because we all know that if they do, it’s for money. I fully understand that this is a business; We are in this profession and it’s all about money, but for someone like me who loves boxing so much, the perception is that they are going to end up hurting the business.

“We know Conor McGregor is a fantastic fighter, he’s awesome, the best MMA fighter … but he’s not a boxer. Mayweather is a great fighter, a great boxer, and I’m not a fan of him, because even though he’s very good, it’s not exciting to watch him fight. So this fight is going to be something that will generate a lot of interest, but it will hardly offer us a high caliber match. “

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