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Alberto The Boss Outside The Americas Combat presidency

Since the scandal that broke with Paige , Alberto  Patron has begun to have problems with the companies that hired him. Global Force Wrestling, a promotion that had adopted the Mexican as its new face, suspended indefinitely, while independent companies rethink if you give dates on the circuit is a good idea.

In the midst of this problem, the CEO of Combate Americas, Campbell McClaren, announced in an interview with that Patron asked him to resign his role as president of the company . Recall that the Mexican had assumed the position at the end of last year.

“Alberto and his girlfriend Saraya who is ‘Paige’, sure they know who he is, became very close friends of mine. They came to dinner with me and Alberto told me that his first love is wrestling, his father was Dos Caras, and Saraya is the third generation of a family of English fighters. Another thing that Alberto told me that we have not yet formally revealed, but that we can talk about, is that he is probably giving up his work in Combat to focus more on wrestling.

I think he’s reaching a point where he knows he does not want to meet the demands of wrestling physically, but I think he knows he can still maintain his current level of performance for a few more years. It is a challenging initiative and I think it is very difficult for your body. That’s why he asked me if he could get away from his role so he could focus on Saraya in wrestling , “McClaren said.

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