Alberto The Patron Has Been Stripped Of The GFW World Championship

It’s been more than a month since Alberto Patron and Paige had a heated discussion at an airport, and yet they still face the consequences of what happened. In addition to the personal drama and possible legal consequences, the scandal has ended up affecting the professional lives of both, especially now that Alberto has been stripped of the GFW World Championship.

The promotion, which had turned the WWE multi-champion into his new face, decided to conduct his own investigation into what happened, independent of the ongoing police process . And although both the company and the fighter were optimistic about the result of the same , the result was not the expected.

Paige and El Patron have consistently denied information about their dispute, which in their most scandalous versions links them even with problems of domestic violence and drug use , and has pointed out that it was a simple discussion of a couple .

However, this morning, Monday 14 August, Global Force Wrestling, formerly TNA, issued a statement in which it reveals its decision regarding the scandal that has surrounded its champion, who has been suspended in recent weeks.

“GFW has concluded its internal consideration of the events surrounding the suspension of Alberto El Patrón. Although apparently the initial reports misinterpreted the role of The Patron at the Orlando airport, we are disappointed in the way he dealt with the situation ; We expect more decorum from the entire cast of GFW, especially the World Champion.

We have informed El Patrón of our decision to divest him of the Championship . No decision has been made as to when it will be reinstated in the cast, conditions that are a private matter between the company and El Patrón. “

Initial reports indicated that Alberto had raped his fiancée Paige, information that was backed up by statements by her relatives. However, the police investigation concluded that it was the British who attacked him in the middle of a discussion, although no charges were filed.

The Patrón also was outside the presidency of Combate Americas after this scandal.

The last set of recordings of Impact Wrestling, that took place before the happened thing, counted on Alberto Patron as main axis of the main rivalry of the promotion, facing LAX. Now, it is to be expected what will happen with the relations between the Mexican and GFW and if they can reach an agreement or, otherwise, one will lose its greater showcase and the others its greater star.

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