Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss, The Little Queen Of WWE Tells Her Story

Alexa Bliss is perhaps the fighter who has been able to take advantage of his qualities in the microphone and the charisma that supports it. It has a thrust and can become the great villain of its generation if it manages to exploit the technical and fighting qualities to gain the respect of its most intracted detractors.

The champion of the red mark was with Lilian Garcia in the podcast “Chasing Glory” . During the talk, “The Goddess” talked about her arrival in WWE, the difficulties, the pressure to be a fighter and her friendships with her colleagues by profession:

“My coach, Mike, told me he had heard that WWE was conducting entrance exams, so I looked at and there was a link saying: ‘Do you want to be a WWE Superstar?’, And I said ‘ Clear!’ I clicked and had instructions, make a video, do this, that and send it.

“I did a video trying a promo, trying to get my biggest side of Diva. I sent it and I did not think they were going to respond, but I got a call from Canyon Ceman saying, ‘Hey, we’ll do a casting in LA and we’ll send you there for a day and see how it goes.’

“I went and met Triple H , and I was like, ‘Oh, my God, you’re Triple H!’ I took my fan side, because you know, see it and then have it in person for the first time, was something great. So I started talking and talking about the terrible fighting ideas I had. It was like, ‘I want to be like The Great Kabuki, but instead of spitting the Green Mist, I want to spit glitter.’ All that sort of thing, I was sure it was a bad idea. Then they told me that I had passed a 30 day test, after which you walk into the ring during that time and learn all you can while they choose you.

“I received a call on my flight home saying that I had gotten into the test. I was very excited, but a week later they called me saying I was not going to go to the test. Canyon told me, ‘We’re going to sign you. You’re moving to Florida if you pass the medical tests. Let’s hope you’re as athletic as you look. ‘ And I was like, ‘Oh, no problem.’ So WWE tried my luck with me, you know what I mean? They gave me the opportunity and I knew I had to take advantage of it. “

The difficulty of being accepted in the culture of struggle:

“I had not fought before I arrived. There is some respect here. All this business is based on respect and since I was not in independent companies, it was difficult to be accepted . It was very, very complicated because there is a whole culture. You must learn and it was not the fact that nobody told me what to do, I had to learn from my failures.

“And because I did not know these girls, I did not know how to do things, it was difficult to adapt. It was very difficult and I felt very lonely for a long time. Upon arriving at NXT, Charlotte Flair took me under her protection immediately and saw that they would not accept me because of my past, because they saw me as another model.

“These girls were very good and knew the fundamentals, they knew about psychology, they knew everything I was discovering. One of those people who helped me a lot was Shaul Guerrero . We became intimate in NXT and always supported me, she helped me when I could. Charlotte also helped me and we became very good friends. They were a great support because I have always been in a girls’ dressing room all my life, but when you go to a place where you are not used to it, it is difficult to overcome certain barriers. “

Improving the promos:

“My mother helped me a lot. We had classes at NXT once a week and my mother and I improvised and it was fun. So I was doing promos in front of my mother and she was like, ‘That does not sound convincing’. She liked being honest. It was like when I dedicated myself to cheerleading routines, she was like: ‘Stop. Start again. For. Start again’. It was more or less the same with the promos. Then we had Dusty Rhodes teaching and it was great. She was brilliant in everything she did. I started getting used to doing promos when they put me with Scott Dawson as a partner in NXT. We never made that debut on television, but he made his girlfriend into classes for several months and that helped me adapt because I was reacting to people.

“When I started with Blake and Murphy, that’s when I shaped what Alexa Bliss was, because I did not have to be in the ring and I could try to carry a character while I was worried about combat, this and that. But the fact that I had to be a companion to establish a character, work on it, in the promos, all that helped me a lot.

“At that time I was dating Murphy and it was like staying with friends, making promos and working with people who are your friends, which makes everything easier. I think that evolved in the promos, in which we said: ‘You do not do the promos, you feel them’. I’m a bit neurotic behind the scenes; every promo I have, even a couple of sentences, I review them talking to myself, taking my time saying each thing, dissecting it, like: ‘How would I feel if I said this?’ Then I repeat it a couple of times, I see what is wrong, I say it again and see if it works. “

The pressure of being a WWE star:

“I have accepted the fact that if I am going to do my career, I have to be prepared to face criticism, as it is part of my job. Whatever I put on Instagram, someone is going to say something. Every thing on Twitter, someone will judge what I do, what I say, what I carry, I understand. But I also know that if you know how to put that into perspective and relate it to my eating disorder, my body will not be able to survive that experience again.

“I have been told many times that in the way my body reacts, I will not survive another similar experience. So if I weight more or weight less, that’s fine because it means I’m stronger. It means I do not worry about not getting up in the morning to run, I do not care about the calories I use. There are more things in life to worry about.

“They say: ‘An eating disorder always stays with you, you never get rid of it. Once it’s there, it stays’. Yes, there are still foods to which I am afraid. I’m terrified of eating certain things, but I know if I do, I’ll be fine. I’m going to get over it. I am aware of the fact that when exposing myself to the public eye, I am in Total Divas. I stand there to be criticized, but I know in my heart what is right. “

His friendship with Nia Jax:

“She screams a lot, I’m very quiet. We balance perfectly. We call to insult ourselves all the time, we make jokes without stopping. I’ve always been friends with people like Nia. I love it, it’s amazing, It’s extroverted, funny, we joke all the time, we make references to the movie ‘My best friend’s wedding’, it’s the best.

“We’re always laughing. When one of us is stressed, we always encourage the other. We sing songs as loud as we can when we drive. I’m sure we’ll be the first true best friends ever to be in Total Divas, so I think it will be very interesting.

“When NXT did tests, they had talents who came and helped, told people where to shoot, where to do this, they basically drove everyone. I worked on Nia’s test and I remember I was doing cardio while they were pausing to eat and she came and started talking to me as if she had known me for a lifetime. I was like, ‘Hello!’ From there we became intimate and became best friends. “

Your future WWE goals:

“I want to be one of the hardest champions and for women as a whole, even if I’m not in the bout, I want us to have a main event at WrestleMania. I want that more than anything even if I can not be in the fight. I mean, I’d like to be, make no mistake, but if we could be at the top of WrestleMania, that would be the best thing in the world. “

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