Alundra Blayze

Alundra Blayze Will Be A Commentator On The Mae Young Classic

Today begins the recordings of WWE’s first major female tournament, the Mae Young Classic , which will be available on the WWE Network starting August 28. The company has been offering news with eyedroppers, because until yesterday we did not know the supposed final payroll of 32 participants , which will be confirmed in brief hours through social networks by Lita and Alundra Blayze . And it would be no coincidence the participation of the latter, as it seems that will occupy the third seat of the table of commentators of the tournament.

Under the last edition of his podcast , Jim Ross chatted with the two ex-fighters, and there it was confirmed that Blayze is the remaining voice to be known . Of course, great news for the division, because it is a voice authorized in the matter for its successful curriculum luchístico. It is confirmed that WWE wants to have as many female presence as possible, prioritizing it also over the men at the table of commentators, after dismissing Renee Young and Charly Caruso . The format of the double used in the Cruiserweight Classic and in the tournament by the Championship of the United Kingdom is also rejected.

Alundra Blayze, also known as Madusa, began her career at the now defunct American Wrestling Association (AWA) , where she won the company’s prestigious Women’s World Championship, a belt that featured pioneers such as June Byers or Penny Banner. During that stage she was also named Debutante of the Year 1988 by Pro Wrestling Illustrated, the first woman to achieve this feat . Later, he entered All Japan Women’s Pro Wrestling, assimilating new styles, and had a brief passage through WCW, until his arrival in WWF.

Under the McMahon product , despite competing only a couple of years, it reached its highest level of popularity, as it achieved three ostentatious Women’s Championship , figure until that date only surpassed by The Fabulous Moolah . However, everything was distorted due to economic differences with the company, which disposed of the belt and placed its name on a blacklist for the next twenty years, after Blayze threw his scepter to a garbage container, with views To a return to rival promotion, WCW.

Thus, in 1995 he settled on the dominions of Eric Bischoff , and with her, the boss decided to create a WCW Women’s Championship, which, however, Madusa never got. In return, in 1999 she was the first woman to carry the WCW Cruiserweight Championship . Two years later, with the purchase of the corporation by WWF, Blayze decided to withdraw on the grounds that women’s wrestling was heading for some less stimulating courses; That is, too sexist .

Today, 2017, sure that the ex-gladiator has a different opinion, and will be part of another great step in this particular revolution of the company that vetoed it for decades. Grateful news that two parties faced leave aside their differences in favor of women’s wrestling. You already know that SUPER STRUGGLE will bring you all the updates on the Mae Young Classic.

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