Anderson Silva
Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva Sends Raw Message To UFC

Anderson Silva: After the change of management and new owners who have UFC , many things have changed in organizing fights monthly events. This did know Anderson Silva , veteran and experienced fighter who did not shut anything and said his dislikes about a company to agree fights.

Anderson Silva UFC

Anderson Silva UFC

Anderson Silva UFC

As recalled, the Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta brothers made the decision to win UFC group WME – IMG by the figure of 4 million. Faced with this, many fighters have been uncomfortable by the fight deals for the main card. Middleweight former champion, Anderson Silva , gave an interview to MMA Fighting and broke his silence.

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“I think it took a big risk because Dana (White) and Lorenzo were always the face of the UFC . When you do not have Dana and Lorenzo, the good cop and the bad cop, then things are uncertain. But let’s be positive. I think everything will be fine. “

“(The group WME – IMG ) is a company that cares about entertainment, is a company with no history in martial arts and philosophy of the fight. That’s one of the reasons for ‘Jacare’ (Souza) has not fought for the title, because for them it is not something that will cost the entertainment they want , “said the fighter UFC .

“That’s what their lives have been dedicated to, working with entertainment. We have to understand that. It is difficult for us because we think of martial arts, what is right. Some fights make sense for the show, others do not. End up losing some fans but will win some more , “said Anderson Silva .

“I think they’re trying to make it more about entertainment and less about martial arts. The MMA not have the philosophy of martial arts, but are moving away from sport and become entertainment , “he concluded.

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