Another Injury In The Revival – Is The Fight Canceled At SummerSlam?

Bad news for the WWE Top Guys. After making his comeback with a series of important victories and the increasingly close prospect of a starting shot, it seems there is another injury at The Revival, this time from Scott Dawson.

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet , Dawson suffered a biceps injury and may have to undergo surgery. If so, it would have a recovery of up to six months. In the most optimistic scenario, without a surgical intervention necessary, recovery would still take three to six weeks, leaving him and his partner outside of SummerSlam.

Based on the events of the last month, the expectation was that The Revival would face The Hardy Boyz and perhaps Gallows & Anderson at SummerSlam, a meeting that would define potential contenders for the Raw Couples Championship. Now the fight could be canceled.

Dash & Dawson began as dark figures in NXT, first unnamed and then known as The Mechanics. This would change in a brilliant 2016 in which they would face, first to Enzo & Cass and soon to American Alpha and #DIY. With these last two teams they gave some of the best fights of the year and they consolidated like one of the best pairs of the world, besides the first bi-Champions of Couples NXT.

After being the main acquisition of Raw in the post-WrestleMania show, The Revival saw its initial momentum slowed in April when Dash Wilder suffered a jaw fracture that left the duo out of the ring for three months. However, in recent weeks they had renewed their momentum while maintaining their undefeated rivals of the likes of Gallows & Anderson and the Hardy Boyz.

The injury could hardly have come at a worse time. Dash & Dawson were getting a considerable boost and, after Wilder’s recent low, Vince McMahon could lose his confidence in them, as he does not like frequent injuries. This could be a hasty end for those who were arguably the most successful team in NXT history.

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