Are “down” From The Main Cast Coming To NXT?

Just a few days ago came the rumor that WWE would perform a second Superstar Shake-Up after SummerSlam , and although giving a second to Raw and SmackDown seems a little hasty and unnecessary, that does not mean that the main cast will not suffer some Changes.

Although the news of the Superstar Shake-Up has been denied, although it has been questioned, what does seem certain is that WWE is considering making several “descents” of the main cast to NXT, according to the Wrestling Observer.

Although this is not a decision taken, the current perception within the company is that there are several Superstars who were large in NXT, but have not worked on Raw or SmackDown, so they would serve the yellow mark more. The criterion would not be that of popularity, as one would expect, but that of Vince McMahon’s expectations of the fighters and their intention to push them forward. As is well known, the opinion of the public and the Chairman do not always coincide .

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The initial report does not mention a name, although it is not difficult to imagine that figures such as Apollo Crews, Tye Dillinger, The Ascension or Dana Brooke would enter the list, because their performance in their respective brands was not what was expected.

This may seem like bad news to anyone who gets caught up in the “cast” of the main cast to NXT, but do not forget that until a couple of years ago the yellow mark received constant visits from its red and blue sisters . Cesaro, for example, had one of NXT’s great rivalries with Sami Zayn while he was part of the Real Americans. Around the same time, Neville defended the NXT Championship against Tyson Kidd, Titus O’Neil and Brodus Clay; Natalya gave an instant classic to the then rookie Charlotte and Dolph Ziggler had a small rivalry with Rusev.

Those who could not get away with this change are the current NXT fighters, who in recent months have been rebuilding the brand and returning it to its best times.

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The return of Superstars could stay with the space that names like Roderick Strong, Hideo Itami, Nikki Cross, Kassius Ohno, Aleister Black or The Authors of Pain have so well used since the Superstar Shake-Up a few months ago.

Although the plans may change from moment to moment, what Superstars think they would benefit from a return to NXT?

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