Asuka Defeated Ember Moon And Retained The NXT Women’s Championship

After Alesteir Black defeated Hideo Itami, Asuka and Ember Moon went into the ring to fight for the Yellow Card Women’s Championship . Recall that both had already faced in a TakeOver, but the victory was bitter for the Japanese, because it used a trick to keep their undefeated.

The fight was matched, Ember Moon managed to connect most of her repertoire on the monarch, and even came to finish with the Eclipse. However, the experience and aggressiveness of the oriental served as a plus to take the advantage and thus, overcome his rival.

The decline of the battle would come from the hand of Asuka, who took advantage of the injury on his opponent’s shoulder to successfully connect his characteristic shot: the Asuka Lock. In this way, the Japanese submitted to Moon and prolonged its undefeated in WWE.

Following Asuka’s withdrawal , audiences cheered on an emotional Ember Moon . After a great fight, the fans were excited, ready to see the star event between Drew McIntyre and Bobby Roode.

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