Asuka’s Future In The Main Cast

Triple H has been and continues to be a key figure in hiring new talent outside of Vince McMahon’s standards , and above all, responsible for maintaining NXT as an independent brand. During the last two years, Hunter has tried to retain as many wrestlers as possible in his territory, but no doubt, Asuka was the great protege of the “impulses” of the Chairman . However, after breaking almost all the possible records in the yellow show, the jump of the Japanese was already inevitable, and thus will be consummated in the end of September .

Of course after such a brilliant step, the rest of the cast of NXT honors Asuka in his farewell, including an HHH that despite this march, will be happy for his future destination. The big question was to know which brand to fight after facing his current clavicle fracture, and James McKeena of Pro Wrestling Sheet talks about a relationship with Raw . Asuka has worked in various house shows, both red and blue, but will finally fight to the orders of Stephanie McMahon . In addition, McKeena reports that his first appearance will take place within a PPV, WWE TLC (2017) .

“I leave it there – from what I heard about the recovery of his injury. The first appearance of Asuka is scheduled for the October FTA in Minnesota. “

This event takes place October 22 from the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota , being the next in the Raw chronology after WWE No Mercy (2017). We will see then who holds the Women’s Raw Championship, because it is very possible that Asuka set his early goal on that scepter. A duel with Sasha Banks would certainly delight the fans facing the WWE Survivor Series (2017).

If Hunter was so afraid of Asuka’s departure, it is because he undoubtedly knows the mismanagement to which many superstars are subjected once they reach the major foci. A recent case is that of Tye Dillinger , completely diluted in the half poster of SmackDown Live, along with other ex-NXT like Sami Zayn or Aiden English . It is probable that HHH put a condition for the march of its greater bastion: that it happened to comprise of Raw, mark closer to its dominions . Hopefully this means a better handling than the fighters mentioned above. Asuka deserves to continue making history in WWE.

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