Baron Corbin

Baron Corbin Has New Entry Topic

When many NXT followers may criticize that the move to the main cast has hurt the multi-talented race, Tyler Breeze or The Ascension , Baron Corbin is an example of the opposite . If in his passage for the yellow mark he did not get any title, “The Lonely Wolf” debuted winning the trophy of the memorial of André the Giant during WrestleMania 32. And not only that, since its ascent is being moderate but inexorable, making itself with the last one Money in the Bank briefcase.

SmackDown Live has landed this past weekend in Canada , to offer two house shows from the main cities of the country, Montreal and Ottawa. The fact that it has been viral and most specialized media picks up has nothing to do with a title change, as happened recently with AJ Styles at Madison Square Garden, but with the debut of a new musical theme.

The first Canadian stop left, among others, a match in pairs between AJ Styles & Shinsuke Nakamura Vs. Kevin Owens & Baron Corbin. And “Mr. Money in the Bank 2017 “did not make its entrance with” Superhuman “, subject that serves him of accompaniment since it was part of NXT , but with a new composition of which the title still is not known. Here is the video of his arrival in the ring recorded by an amateur at the Ottawa show:

A priori, the subject seems of inferior quality that “Superhuman”, although it maintains the essence of guitarreo metal that agrees with the personality of the fighter . Recall that Thomas Pestock (real name of Corbin) was voted Best Metal Athlete of 2016 , because of his musical preferences for this genre. For sure, we will be able to hear (with better quality) this new theme on Tuesday under the next episode of SmackDown Live. Corbin is still without a match set for WWE SummerSlam (2017) and John Cena appears as a rival with more ballots to face him.

All this news that concerns us would be a mere anecdote if it were not because a change of “BSO” usually presage something important for any fighter. Let’s look at the case of Naomi , who since the arrival of her motto “Glow” and the remix of “Amazing”, did not cease to ascend until becoming female Champion SmackDown in January, a title she recovered at WrestleMania 33 after an injury that forced her to Leave it vacant.

Meanwhile, rumors say Corbin could win the WWE Championship at SummerSlam (2017) after swapping his briefcase over Nakamura. We will see if the new entry theme finally means the coronation of the former NXT and the first stone for a path that is supposed to be very important for WWE.

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