Battleground (2017), Third Worst PPV In WWE History

The product of Vince McMahon bypasses one of the best moments of its history, perhaps because of its state of transition to a new stage, or perhaps the lack of lack of competition in the market it dominates. It is difficult to draw a global view of the health of the company, and this would have to be accommodated in another note, but there is no doubt that the current fighting quality makes it hateful comparisons with that of the Ruthless Agression Era. And WWE Battleground (2017) seems to have contributed to this assessment . , as the connoisseurs already know, is the striking archive of the network, and registers the opinions and opinions of users of the entire IWC, in the style of the IMDB film page. Well, within the section of the worst shows in history , Battleground is already in the third place of WWE PPVs , with an average score of 1.89 out of 10. Over this event, only King of the Ring ( 1995) and ECW December to Dismember (2006) in the first and second position, respectively.

KOTR (1995) took place on June 26 of that year from CoreStates Spectrum of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, being the third edition of this traditional tournament of the company, and of course presented one of the looser bookeos that can be conceived For a PPV . Good part of the fault was the protagonism granted to two fighters who never came to have real relevance in the future of the company, Mabel and Savio Vega . A shame in the case of Vega, because the Puerto Rican had talent for greater dimensions. No one knows why this year was not firmly bet by some name of postin ( Owen Hart and Stone Cold were the “Kings of the Ring” immediately before and after). Further,

ECW DTD (2006) took place on December 3 of that year, from the James Brown Arena in Augusta, Georgia, and was the attempt to recover this event , 11 years after its first and only delivery; Intention that as we know, was in water of borage. And it is that the expectations of the fans were very high , and ended up “dismember” – verb that comes very close to the case – the second life of ECW, and under the dominion of the all-powerful WWE. Not a hint of something extreme , considering that at that time blood and stipulations with high doses of violence were quite common (the previous month in Survivor Series produced a First Blood Match). On the other hand,

Continuing with the list of, the fourth PPV in this section of “Flops” is WWE Fastlane (2017), fifth place is occupied by WrestleMania II, while sixth and seventh place are for The Great American Bash (2004) and In Your House 4 . From a servant’s point of view, I do not consider that Battleground deserves such poor consideration, for though no struggle was outstanding, neither was it disastrous. In any case, it is already two major events of this 2017 that are glued on this particular top of infamy. And be careful, because there are still five months ahead for the year to end.

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