Battleground: Breezango Rivals, An Unexpected Revelation?

Battleground 2017 is just around the corner and practically the whole cartel is defined, however remains a mystery that we could see in the past Smackdown , because during the last weeks, the Fashion Police have been mysteriously attacked in their offices . From the destruction of the Office of Records X of the Fashion Police to the brutal attack against the wooden horse Tully, owned by Fandango.

As we observed an emissary appeared last Tuesday to give them a mysterious message stating that they will know who or who have been behind such attacks during Battleground.

According to Dave Meltzer in the latest installment of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the rivals of Smackdown’s coolest team have to come out of a very limited group of opponents:
“There will also be some kind of encounter with Tyler Breeze and Fandango against whoever is revealed as the team that attacked them, shattered his office, stolen and dismembered Fandango’s horse, Tully. The Ascension were discarded. Uses have larger fish for frying. The Colones are out with Primo having knee surgery. A change to rudos from American Alpha is now also ruled out. So it has to be a new team, which could be NXT Sanity or the creation of an existing roster team. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan that could be put back together would make sense since nothing has been done with any of them in months and lately they have been kept off the television. “

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