Brie Bella Tattoos

Beautiful Brie Bella Tattoos

Brie Bella tattoo pics were quite mainstream from quite a while as she cruised to the victories in WWE and how could it not be, the Yes lady, the wife of Daniel Bryan is in the news whenever she makes an appearance in the arena. Brie Bella, a twin sister of WWE Diva Nikki Bella, one of the most anticipated Diva, was in the limelight, this time for her adorable tattoos. She, along with her sister, Nikki Bella had many things in common, and the tattoos and ink art are one of them. Brie Bella told in her interview that she and her sister had the cool and famous tattoo when both were fifteen. Among the two tattoos, Brie has one just above her waistline; the other one is on her booty. The inked art was removed by Brie Bella Tattoos while Nikki has it until now, and Cena likes it. Brie Bella Tattoos had two tattoos on her body, one of them was removed, and the other one is still with her.

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The Waistline tattoo was the one she had containing the bear claws soon after her boyfriend died in a tragic accident. She was moved by her boyfriend’s death; she expressed it many times on social media. The tattoo is finished awkward position for a female. Still, she loves it and often showcases it making her entrance to the arena.When asked to Daniel Bryan about the tattoo, he had nothing to say as it was Brie’s choice to keep it or remove it from her. The lower stomach tattoo looks sweet with the Diva, and honestly, she looks beautiful with it. She was, to be exact, 18 years old when it happened.

The fairy tattoo was inked down before the bear claws tattoo; it was a joint venture by both the sisters. Both the twins decided to have it at the age 15. While having the tattoo at the same time the same place, both had a different ink art on their butts.Nikki Bella had a burning heart on her private area that looks cute and loved by the WWE Universe. Brie had a fairy tattoo that was recently removed from the area after she decided to get pregnant. She said that ‘ I have to get pregnant and I have to remove the tattoo before it.’

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