Best Tag Teams ever in WWE

Best Tag Teams ever in WWE

There are lots of Best Tag Teams in WWE. From longevity to cultural impact, every thing impacts on ranking of best tag teams in WWE. Tag Team can also be ranked upon their achievements  and performance in WWE. According to WWE,all the team who won Tag Team championship after Luke Graham and Tarzan Tyler are eligible for that. 

1: Edge and Christian

Edge, his original name was Adam Copeland and Christian , his original name was William Reso wrestled in WWF and won WWF tag team champion  for 7 times. Edge and Christian are voted as the best Tag Team by WWE based on above mentioned ranking criteria. They won first Tag Team championship at WrestleMania 2000 against the Hardy boy in Ladder Match.

2:The Hart Foundation 

Jim Neidharatand known as The Anvil and Bret Hart known as The Hitman. This team was initially managed by Jimmy Hart and The Hart foundation won WWF Tag Team Championship two times. This team was disbanded in 1991. Jim made a new foundation with with Bret’s young brother Owen Hart.

3: Demolition

In 1980’s and 1990’s Demolition was a Tag Team in WWF. Team members were Ax, his original name was Bill Eadie and Smash, his original name was Barry Darsow and then teamed with Crush, his original name was Brian Adams. Demolition won Tag Team Championship title three times. Smash and Ax returned to WWE to make independent shows in 2007.

4: The New Age Outlaws

The New Age Outlaws also famous as the Voodoo Kin Mafia and James Gang in wrestling industry. This is also among best professional wrestling Tag Teams. Currently The New Age Outlaws is signed to WWE. Road Dogg and Billy Gunn are team tag members in The New Age Outlaws. 

5: The Hardy Boyz

The hardy boyz Tag Team is also known among best teams in WWE. It is also famous among the people as The Hardys and Team Xtreme. This is professional wrestling Tag Team currently signed to WWE. Matt and Jeff Hardy , two real life brothers are actually known as The Hardy Boyz.

6: The British Bulldogs

The British Bulldogs are among the best tag teams ever with two team member Davey Boy Smith and Tom Billington , his original name is Dynamite Kid. 

7: The Valiant Brothers

This team is knowns as one of the best Tag Team in the history of WWE. There are three team members in this team Jimmy Valiant as Handsome, Jerry Valiant as Gentleman and Johnny Valiant as Luscious. They also played for National Wrestling alliance and World wrestling associate instead of WWF/WWE.

8: Legion of Doom

The Legion of Doom is among best Tag Teams in wrestling community. Team members are Michael Hegstrand as Hawk and Joseph Laurinaitis as Animal. They also performed as Road Warriors in American Wrestling association.

9: The Wild Samoans/span>

This was tag team consisting of team members Afa and Sika. They played for WWF and National Wrestling Alliance. The wild Samoans won 21 Tag Team championship all over the world.

10: The Dudley Boyz/span>

The Dudley Boyz was earlier knows as Team 3D in wrestling community. The Dudley boyz team members are Brother Devon and Brother Ray. This is also among top 10 best tag teams ranked by WWE.

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