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Big Cass says He Will Be The Next WWE Universal Champion

Big Cass says he will be the next WWE Universal Champion. The big guy is clear, you know what your next target will be in the American company.
This was revealed during the most recent edition of “Raw Talk” , the special program of WWE Network after the events of PPV and weekly of the red mark. This time, one of the guests was Big Cass and this was what he had to say after analyzing his victory against Enzo Amore , who was his best friend and before the question of the beautiful Renee Young and Peter Rosenberg about what he thought of facing To the WWE Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar . Here is the video with his words:

Big Cass: “It would be a difficult test if I face ‘The Beast’, but if there is anyone here who can do it, I think it’s me. I can handle ‘The Beast’. I think I can go hand in hand with ‘The Beast’. And I think I can defeat ‘The Beast’. I think I can be the next WWE Universal Champion. In fact, I AM the next Universal WWE Champion.

“Look at me, Renee! I am seven feet tall! That’s why I believe it. For years, everyone has doubted me. “

Both Brock Lesnar and Big Cass emerged victorious from the Great Balls of Fire 2017 PPV event on Sunday night, July 9. Brock Lesnar already has someone on his heels and that is Roman Reigns , who proclaimed himself the # 1 Retarder for the Pay Per View SummerSlam 2017 , called “The Greatest Summer Party” .

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