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Big Cass: “Whoever Sees Me As The Bad Guy In History Is Stupid”

A few weeks ago on Monday Night Raw , it was revealed that Big Cass was the one behind the Enzo Amore attacks . Cass’s statement only confirmed the separation of the duo, which was already coming.

However, this pair has not been the only one who has broken their alliance, as Jason Jordan and Chad Gable took separate roads when the first was presented in the red show as the lost son of Kurt Angle.

Jason Jordan es el hijo de Kurt Angle y nuevo miembro de Raw

“Todo puede ocurrir en WWE” es una frase que, por mucho que se repita, no pierde su vigencia, pues la compañía de los McMahon es experta en presentar ángulos inesperados justo cuando el público cree haberlo visto todo. Hace apenas un par de horas en Monday Night Raw tuvo lugar la más reciente en una … Sigue leyendo

Recently Big Cass gave a press conference in which it abounded on its separation of Amore, as well as the current panorama in the division of pairs.

“I do not see myself as the bad guy in the story. I do not know who sees me like this, but personally I do not think I am. I think my cause is just and I think I have done the right thing. If someone does not agree, he must be stupid, because he does not understand the circumstances.

“They must understand what was happening, they must understand what it is to have someone at your side who anchors you, who prevents you from advancing, and who also have to cover and help because he is weak. That really affects your career and your progress.

“I did the right thing, I’m not the bad guy, and if they want to see me as the bad guy, that’s their problem. But I’m not the bad guy and I’m not playing a bad guy; In the ring I am myself, a person who believes in his cause, and my cause is just. I think I’m right and I’ll always believe, and if people like it, that’s good, and if not, it’s okay anyway, because I do not care what people think.

“That’s who I am. That’s Big Cass. If I perceive that something is good for me, then it is good for my career. “

About the fact that other couples like American Alpha and Vaudevillians have also dissolved:

“Well, they are things of life. So is this. Eventually, everything good has to end; Eventually the equipment is separated for different reasons. This is how this works, old man. That’s how things have always been in WWE; That’s how things have been in other sports. Look at Kyrie Irving and LeBron James in Cleveland. This is life, teams separate, people separate and go their own way for this reason.

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