Black Legends of All Time in WWE

Earlier People noticed that WWE was reluctant to give chances to black people in the domain of wrestling, but list of black legends of all time in WWE has proven that this is not the case.

Ron Simmons:

Ron Simmons

His birth name was Ronald Simmons. He was born in 1958 in Perry, Georgia United State. He was known by lots of ring name Farooq, Farooq Asaad and Ron Simmons which was most famous and present ring name. He was trained by Hiro Matsuda for wrestling. He started his professional wrestling career in 1981. His career achievements are College Football Hall OF Fame in 2008. From 1988 to 1994, he was signed to World Championship Wrestling. Ron Simmons was first WCW American African Heavyweight champion and he won World Heavy championship wrestling Title, Ron was second black person to win that award. He was signed to extreme championship wrestling team in 1994- 1995. In 1996, he joined WWF. He won WWF team tag with Bradshaw for three times and WWE hall of Fame in 2012.

Booker T:

Brook T

His birth name was Booker Huffman Jr. He was born in 1965 in Houston, United State. He was known by lots of ring names i.e. Black Snow, Booker, Booker T, King Booker, G.I.Bro and Kole. He was trained by Ivan Putski. He started his early career in wrestling in 1989 at Global Wrestling Foundation (GWF). He won tag team champion award with Steve Ray in 1992. Later in 1993, Both Steve Ray and Booker T left GWF to work with WCW (world championship wrestling). In 1997 he started to make his career as singles and won World Television Championship WCW. But in 1999, Rick Steiner took this tile from Booker T and became champion. In 2001, Booker was signed to WWF. He moved to several teams during his wrestling career. In 2011, rejoined WWF and he is still working with WWF. He won WWF hardcore championship title two times.

R truth:

R Truth Shock WWE

His birth name was Ronnie Aaron Killings. He was born in 1972 in Atlanta, Georgia, United State. He is known by lots of ring names I.e. Kid Krush , K. Malik Shabaz, K Kwik, Pretty Ricky, Ron Killing , R Truth,R Ziggler andThe Truth. He was trained by Chris Hamrick and George South. In 1997, he started his professional career as wrestler. He worked in independent circuit. During his wrestling career he worked with Cyberspace wrestling foundation, NWA wild side, Memphis championship wrestling and WWF. He won WWF hardcore championship two times; WWE united state championship and 2 Slammy awards.

Bobby Lashley:

Bobby Lashley

His birth name is Franklin Roberto Lashley. He was born in 1976 in Junction City, Kansaas, United State. His ring names are Bobby Lashley, Blaster Lashley and Lashley. He was trained by Ohio Valley wrestling Team and there he started his professional wrestling career in 2004. In his professional wrestling career he worked with Alabama wrestling federation, Italian wrestling superstar, Total nonstop action wrestling and world wrestling entertainment. He won world championship title two times in ECW and united state championship in WWE. He is known by the nick names The Boss and The Destroyer.

Kofi Kingston:

kofi kingston

His birth name is Kofi Nahair Sarkodie-Mensah. He was born in 1981 at Kumasi, Ashanti, Ghana. He lives in Tampa, Florida United State. His ring name is Kofi Kingston and Kofi Nahaje Kingston. He was trained by Chaotic Wrestling and Ohio Valley Wrestling. He was signed to WWE in 2006. He worked in Deep South Wrestling, Florida Championship wrestling, ECW and early title reigns and The New Day (from 2014 to present). He won WWE Intercontinental championship title for four times. With CM Punk, Kingston won WWE tag team championship. He also won slammy award and united state championship title. He is known by the nickname The Wild Cat and Mr. Royal Rumble.

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