Bobby Fish: “I knew That One Day I Would Be In WWE”

Bobby Fish emigrated from Ring of Honor to take the next step in his career. The three-time champion in pairs chose NXT as his new home after trinfado in various parts of the world, including in New Japan

In an interview with, Fish talked about this new stage in his way:

” I remember a conversation I had with Kevin Owens at a hotel gym in Chicago a few years ago . We both worked for Ring of Honor, and at that time, it seemed like Kevin was headed for the next step on his journey. I have an immense respect for Kevin and everything he has been through to finding his success. “

“It’s not the prototype of what was rumored to be ideal here and neither am I. Understanding your drive to succeed here made me think that if I want that (I think anyone who ties their boots to do this wants it) then I will create a similar opportunity for myself. I thought I’d be here someday. “
His NXT debut:

“Something surreal, because a lot of this has come together very quickly. I have observed the success of former co-workers and fellows, such as Roderick Strong , Kassius Ohno and Hideo Itami, who do the same routine at Full Sail. I feel so prepared for this new challenge … In my opinion, this life is about the journey, and when I finish mine, I hope that my body is beaten, beaten and beaten, which will be a clear indication of a life well lived. NXT represents the next step in my journey. “

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