Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley: “I want To Fight Brock Lesnar, I Do Not Care Where”

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, the current World Heavyweight Champion TNA, Bobby Lashley , he talked about his current stage with TNA, his experiences with Donald Trump and WWE, his happiness by Kurt Angle in the Hall of Fame among other things.

Below we leave you the highlights of the note, which you can read here in case you are interested in going further.

About working with Donald Trump:

“I Worked With Him At WrestleMania. So When The Newspapers Began To Make All These Accusations, I Can Tell You That He Is Not A Racist At All . He Made That WrestleMania Successful Due To The Fact That He Fulfilled His Role As “The Donald” Perfectly. He Had WWE On A Big Notice In Times Square, Thanks To Him We Appeared In All Kinds Of Media That If It Had Not Been For His Name They Would Not Have Put Us There, And He Helped Create One Of The Best WrestleMania In History. We Need A Leader Who Can Make A Change And He Is The Man. “

About Kurt Angle induction into the Hall of Fame:

“I Hope I Can Get Tickets For The Ceremony. I Want To Be There To Support Kurt And Congratulate Him . Kurt Was The One Who Introduced Me To The Wrestling Industry. He Saw Me At The Olympic Training Center When I Was Doing A Cartoon. He Approached Me And Said, “Man, You Look Good, Maybe You Should Consider Wrestling.” You Feel Magic When Kurt Is There. If He Was Not In The Hall Of Fame, Then There Would Be Something Wrong With This One, Kurt Is A Star And I’m Very Happy For Him. “

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