Bobby Lashley thinks

Bobby Lashley Thinks About CM Punk: “What Are You Going To Do? To Face Him With A 0-0 Record? “

During a Bellator press conference held in Hollywood, former WWE star and current TNA star Bobby Lashley expressed her opinion about CM Punk’s upcoming UFC debut:

“I Would Like Him To Have A Fight Before Making His UFC Debut, To Be Sent To A Jungle Somewhere, Put Him In A Cage To Fight Against A Nobody And See What He Does …

“Everyone Has Their Strong Point, And Nobody Knows What The Strong Point Of Punk. You Can Not Rely Solely On Your Fists Because There Are A Lot Of People Who Are Phenomenal With Fists. I Really Do Not Know What It’s Going To Do … It’s A Difficult Question. “

According to Lashley, the behavior of CM Punk in his debut with UFC will depend solely on who will be his rival. That debut is scheduled for the end of this year . Meanwhile, Chicago Made continues to train at the Roufusport Gym .

“I Hope He Does Well. I Know He’s In Good Hands And He’s Really Breaking His Butt In Training, But His Situation Is Complicated Because, What Are They Going To Do With Him?

“They Have A Guy Whose Record Is 0-0. What Are You Planning To Do? Bring Someone Else Who Has A 0-0 Record And Give That Some Advantage Or Face Someone More Experienced? “

Both Lashley and CM Punk have been stellar players in WWE at different times. Lashley was during 2007 and part of 2008, year in which his transition to the MMA was given. When his record was 5-0, he played in 2010 at Strikeforce and in 2014 at Bellator, where he has a 2-0 record against Josh Burns at Bellator 123 and against Karl Etherington at Bellator 130. His overall record is 12-2.

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