Bobby Lashley wants To Face Brock Lesnar At WrestleMania: “There’s A Lot Of Money In This Match”

Bobby Lashley has been one of the most physically gifted fighters of his generation, with impressive athletic qualities. Since leaving WWE, where he deserved to be the main title bearer , Lashley has been a demolishing force both in TNA and in the world of mixed martial arts, combining his work on the ring with appearances in Bellator’s full weight division.

Next Sunday at Bound for Glory , Lashley will defend the TNA World Heavyweight Championship against Ethan Carter III, and later on Oct. 21 at Bellator 162, will have a fight with Josh Appelt. Since his debut in December 2008 , his MMA record has reached 14-2, and is undefeated so far at Bellator.

Lashley was a guest on the podcast The Ross Report, with Jim Ross , where an inevitable question arose: Would you like to face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania?

“I hear that all the time, and you know as well as I do that it is not in my hands. If you ask me if I want, I would say yes, absolutely, but it is a decision that concerns others. I think there are enough fans who would like to see that encounter, because they have said it for a long time. And you know what’s funny about all this? I have not met Brock in person. Our paths have never crossed, so we do not know each other at all.

“I’ve always been compared to Brock. They ask me, ‘Are you and he going to fight?’, ‘Are they going to fight?’ I do not know if fighting is feasible because I’m with Bellator and he somehow stays with the UFC; I do not know how good it is, but I do not think fighting is possible. But in the fight, with people seeing how they destroyed everyone and save the day or how Brock does the same, what would happen if they put us face to face? I think the audience will go crazy. And there is a tremendous amount of money in this. If it could happen, I’m open to it. “

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