Braun Strowman To Karen Jarrett: “A La mie *** With Your Son”

A few days ago we heard about the opposite of Adam Scherr, the person we know as Braun Strowman on our screens, when information was leaked about an unfortunate incident that happened last Monday in a bar in Nashville. There, the well-known “Monster between Men” denied an autograph in a bad way to the mother of a small fan that, due to its ignorance and misfortune, turned out to be Karen Jarrett , wife of the founder and GFW executive, Jeff Jarrett.

We learned from that first recollection of data that Strowman, who was apparently in a state of drunkenness, went further and mistreated her, not physically but speaking to her. Karen, indignant, threatened to tell the story of her son’s father, her ex-husband Kurt Angle and colleague of the big guy. The gladiator apologized and begged him not to notify him, even getting to his knees, realizing who it was and what the consequences might bring .

Now comes new information from the hand of Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer about it, and is that according to have been told his sources, the first words that came from the mouth of the former bodybuilder at Jarrett’s request were “a la mie *** With your child, ” a response not only disrespectful in itself, but very inadequate to be a public figure who should set the example for the smallest. That was exactly what she told him, that he did not accept his apologies and reproached him that it was not attitude towards anyone. All this, presumably, before the watchful eye of other Superstars WWE.

An alleged witness to the uncomfortable situation, however, said that the first lady of GFW was not in the best of conditions, stating that it was “a drunken conversation between two drunk people who rose in pitch, nothing more” . And another that opined on the subject was the same protagonist, who could not avoid the subject during a recent conference call of the company ex TNA. Surprisingly, Karen downplayed the fact and mentioned that “it was taken out of proportion” by the information portals:

“Oh, my God, I’ll make it clear. It was a silly incident in which you had two people in the wrestling business playing their characters, behaving absurdly and being pulled out of proportion. And the fact that we are still in the news and that the topic is still being talked about … is a question that you need to take your time to answer. It’s out of proportion, if you ask me. It is foolish. It’s the business of fighting, we had fun with it and someone took it and made it into something more serious than it really was. “

Thus, it seems that this incident ends here and without major consequences, although if anything served was the lesson of respect that won the fighter.

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