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Bray Wyatt: “I’m A Cactus Jack Of The New Age”

Tonight we will see an encounter that is clearly indebted to the legacy of The Undertaker , and unfairly will be shadowed inside the WWE SummerSlam poster (2017) . For the second time, Bray Wyatt and Finn Bálor will face each other individually after their bout under the latest Monday Night Raw. But on this occasion, there will be a very attractive addition, as the Irishman will use his demonic facet to face “The Devourer of Worlds”, and try to redeem himself from his defeat (and humiliation) on Monday.

Wyatt was present yesterday at the WWE 2K18 presentation party, where he was interviewed by Brian Fritz of Between The Ropes . There, the fighter spoke of his taste for extreme fighting and the chaos that reigns for some moments, a situation in which he is very comfortable :

“I think it’s in places like that where I’ve made my fortune, you know. I am hard with arms and with extreme, if you allow me to affirm it. They are the type of fighting where I always find my greatest successes . So, I always try to get into those kinds of moments or situations. I’m kind of a new age Cactus Jack or something, you know. “

Then, Fritz questioned whether WWE, at this point, still does not understand the intricacies of his character or the person behind the character, Windham Lawrence Rotunda :

“Well, I do not think anyone understands me . Many people have many ideas of who I am or who I am supposed to be, but only I really understand. And I hear a lot of people on their social networks and they do things like get close to me and tell me I should do this or that. I did not come in here to listen to people. I came in here to listen to myself and I do not really care what anyone has to say . “

We already speak in SUPER STRUGGLES of the origins of this dark personage, being the deceased Dusty Rhodes an essential figure during its conception. Here is the importance of the legend in Wyatt’s own words :
” Not just for my career, but for many races . Dusty Rhodes was there in the warehouse in the middle of nowhere in Tampa and molded many of us and helped us find ourselves. He was instrumental in the lives of many people

Brian Fritz’s interview with Bray Wyatt can be seen here .

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