Brie Bella

Brie Bella Says Daniel Bryan Will Fight Again

For beautiful Brie Bella , the return to the wrestling rings of her beloved husband Daniel Bryan is a fact. And so he does not get WWE medical discharge because of his seizures, multiple problems with concussions and his complicated neck injury, both are convinced that “The American Dragon” will resurface.
This was revealed by the 33-year-old American in a recent interview for the Podcast “From The Top Rope” as part of the promotion of the SummerSlam 2017 PPV Week . These were her statements on the topic:

“Daniel (Bryan) started looking for treatments to heal his brain just weeks after he retired. Since that time, which was almost two years ago (18 months to be exact), he has been doing all kinds of tests of every experiment you can imagine to heal your brain. And actually, he found a treatment, it’s this hyperbaric oxygen chamber or something. He has already done forty treatment sessions across the country, and I will fully support him if he decides to return to the ring. “

“I told Bryan, ‘You have a daughter, so you always remember that.’ But if the doctors finally give him the green light, he would say, ‘Come on! This is your passion and your dream. You only have one life to live it and I will never hold you back. ‘”

“Because I also love to fight, and I would hate if someone tells me I can not do it. And if WWE does not allow him to fight, then he would say, ‘Go to any other place. All up to you’. Obviously he would love to be able to return in that WWE ring, but I know it’s a fact that my husband is going to find his way back into the ring. Honestly it will. “

Reporter Connor Casey of the web site Pro Wrestling Sheeet clarifies what the treatment that has been undergoing Daniel Bryan according to the website of the company that provides it:

“It’s an alternative form of medicine that uses high-pressure oxygen as a drug to treat basic pathophysiological processes and their diseases.”

Recall that, on a related note, Brie Bella announced her desire to return to the ring with WWE, even giving a date:

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