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Brief Guide To Create New Amateurs To The Professional Fight

Wrestling is an activity that brings together thousands of fans on live shows and millions through television. At least in Mexico, from a few years to the present, it seems to have lost the qualification of spectacle for ‘nacos’ for its media exposure (appearance of fighters in famous programs, sports channels adding events of struggle to its programming, etcetera).

Despite the popularity of sport-show, there is still a wide market for potential consumers. If Mexico is a country with more than one hundred million inhabitants, why are there only two companies that are relevant in the fight? This gives for several interpretations. Seeing the mythical Iron Man Match of WrestleMania 12 (Michaels vs. Hart) or reviewing Santo’s filmography in a few hours can be tedious rather than interesting for a panacean neophyte. So they go, go a series of points to attract new fans or, if appropriate, love more the discipline of the fight.

Go to a live event

Aunque suena básico, la tecnología ha hecho que varios aficionados desistan de acudir a los sitios tradicionales por comodidad o economía. “A mí me gustan las luchas, pero sólo por televisión”, dicen algunos sujetos que nunca han comprado un boleto para admirar una presentación en vivo. La atmósfera creada alrededor de la actividad es particular. Ernest Hemigway, en su libro Muerte en la tarde, habla sobre el toreo a detalle, mencionando que la única forma para lograr un criterio propio de la tauromaquia es acudir a una corrida. Lo mismo pasa con la lucha. Una función puede estar repleta de combates malos o regulares, pero si la gente se emociona, pasa por alto el nivel sobre el ring. Mención especial merecen las arenas pequeños o sitios que son habilitados para funciones de lucha. Como anécdota, en un evento del Desastre Total Ultraviolento (DTU) se puede admirar a un integrante del elenco como anunciador, vendedor de playeras y participando en la lucha estelar; todo durante un par de horas.

Puebla Arena: Defense Of Another Level Of The Last Warrior

View Classic Clashes

A few years ago, the only way to admire epic fights was to get copies of the publications that covered the event or acquire poor quality videos that recorded the fight. Now the internet allows to find those moments recorded with emotion in the minds of the fans in the fashion search engines. WWE includes memorable bouts available to users on its online channel (WWE Network). Ric Flair and Lou Thesz have one-hour battles easy to find, but they can be boring for someone who does not know the movements, psychology, the consequence of punishment.

Some suggestions to consult: Atlantis Vs. Villano III (Mask vs. Mask), Love Machine and Eddie Guerrero Vs. Octagon and Son of the Santo (masks against hair), Cybernetic Tournament in the CMLL (1997), Eddie Guerrero vs. Dean Malenko (ECW 04-15-1995), Misawa vs. Kawada (1994), King Mystery Jr vs. Psycho (Bash at the Beach 1996), Kurt Angle Vs. Undertaker (No Way Out 2006), Kenta Kobashi Vs. Samoa Joe (2005), AJ Styles Vs. Christopher Daniels Vs. Samoa Joe (2005), TLC match (WrestleMania 2000).

In Memory Of The Emerald Warrior: The Eight Individual Fights With Five Stars Of Mitsuharu Misawa


The masks of Mexican fighters are found from tourist sites like Acapulco and airports to magazines on Reforma. The variety of colors, designs and representation of animals make them have an important demand among the people. Classic designs like the Santo and Blue Demon share dresser with the hood of Volador Jr. or Psycho Clown . T-shirts are usually black in color to highlight the design. When homage to legends, the tone of the dress was adapted to the tone that made a fighter legendary.

Not infrequently the Villain roses or green by Fishman (qepd). Some companies have signed contracts with toy companies to create specialized figures. In several cases, talented amateurs make their own versions that become unique and collectible items. Son del Santo and Blue Demon Jr. took their own brands of mezcal. Students of the UNAM, in alliance with the design company Kikkerland, created a series of openers where a guy dressed as a wrestler applies classic moves to open the bottle.

Exhibition “Kami Robo”, Art And Wrestling, The Union Between Mexico And Japan.


Cinema took the culture of wrestling to another pedestal. Usually history does not change: an evil being or criminal group threatens peace, authorities do not know how to stop this and ask for the help of a fighter. To justify the feminine presence, they must save a lady in danger or the specialist of the authority surprises so much by its beauty as capacity. The famous Santo tape against the vampire women (1962) enters this classification. Some give another approach to the plot, so they excel. Movies that deserve to be reviewed are: The Last Fight (1958), The Legend of a Mask (1989), The Wrestler (2008), Beyond the Mat (1999)


Although wrestling derives from the time of the Greeks with pankration (pan = everything, kratos = force), there is no literary work the size of The Duel, Norman Mailer as it happens in boxing. Carlos Monsiváis dedicates a space to the Saint in The Rituals of Chaos. Despite this situation, some fighters have shown talent in narrating their experiences. With a career full of concussions, Mick Foley has managed to be among the best-selling list in the United States. The multi-faceted Chris Jericho has written more than one book chronicling events in twenty-six years of career. Rafael Ramírez has a storybook called Otra vez el Santo (Alfaguara 2005), the main story bears the same title.

Carlos Monsivaís And Wrestling, Two Years After His Departure

Video game

When the first homemade consoles appeared, came titles related to the world of the fight. Titles have evolved alongside the industry. By the media power and geographical location, WWF / WWE has several titles on consoles ranging from Nintendo to the X-Box One. The agreement we have with Yukes made to launch a new title every year. In Japan, key point in the development of video games, have emerged titles that became classic with stars of NJPW, AJPW or NOAH. However, GFW Impact took its own title in 2008. AAA, in implementing a large-scale marketing campaign, launched in 2010 a video game for the PlayStation 3 and X-Box 360 consoles . Although far from being the best of its kind,

WWE Champions, The New Video Game For Apple And Android Devices, Looks Visually Impressive


Although it sounds like repeating the point of the books, the best podcast comes from fighters. One of the most popular is the one led by Stone Cold Steve Austin , who leads to record both WWE and independent stars. When chatting with his peers, he obtains information that is usually taken up by other means. Chris Jericho, Konnan, commentator Jim Ross change generate issues in their broadcasts. With the fame achieved in the televised program Third fall, Jose Manuel Guillén and Bernardo Guzmán conduct a weekly emission call En + carados. The serious tone and variety of guests makes more and more users reproduce their contents. Konnan has an irregular Spanish broadcast – because of the frequency with which it uploads programs – called Podcast Boom.

Super Fights Podcast, Episode 1 – Interview With Super Crazy

Thematic sites

Recently, the government of Mexico City modified the decoration of the subway station Guerrero to honor stars of the Mexican fight. You can see murals with classic actions of Saint or Cavernario Galindo, in addition, they are exhibited belts, masks and posters of historical functions. The toy museum (Calle Doctor Olvera 15. Mexico City) has an area dedicated to wrestling. One part focuses on the illustrious career of Rodolfo Guzmán Huerta “El Santo” by presenting posters, photonovels, equipment and dolls. On the other hand, they have dozens of masks and specialized dolls that have the signature of the gladiator they represent. Super Astro, star of the Mexican fight from the seventies and that inspired people to like Rey Mysterious Jr., Has a cake restaurant with its own name: Tortas Super Astro . In addition to the colorful options in the menu, the property gathers masks of various legends for the consumer to admire teams of men who achieved fame based on effort and dedication on canvas.

The Metro Station Guerrero Will Become Luchona

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