Scene Vs. Reigns

Bring It To The Table (Jul 31, 17) – Scene Vs. Reigns – The Future Of Lesnar

At the end of the July 31 edition of Monday Night Raw, WWE presented another episode of Bring it to the Table , the exclusive program of WWE Network that analyzes the main events of the WWE Universe from a professional and realistic point of view ( Or at least, more than in the rest of the programming).

As has happened the last few times, they started with a little humorous moment, this time with JBL throwing away several containers of Jim Ross BBQ sauce, which were part of the decoration.

The first issue was the most talked about: the possible return of Brock Lesnar to UFC, after he returned to undergo USADA tests. Of course, analysts showed a clear preference for Lesnar in a potential fight with Jon Jones. In fact, they compared the power of Lesnar to generate sales with that of Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey.

Brock Lesnar To Jon Jones: “Be Careful What You Want”

Also discussed was the rivalry between Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks, which extends to their behind-the-scenes relationship. Everyone agrees that it has great potential, as it did with Michaels and Hart. However, they cast doubt on the factors that keep Sasha away from the top.

Both JBL and Corey Graves regretted the weekly cancellation of Talking Smack, which they considered an important platform for wrestlers to craft their characters. Even so, they emphasized the fact that at least it is maintained after the PPV.

The confrontation between the Four Horsemen of WWE and the Four Horsemen of the MMA was reviewed. Obviously, the doors remain open for Rousey Rousey, but who most likely seems to have to fight in WWE is Cris Cyborg.

When there was talk of the ongoing rumor that commentators had a list of words they can and can not use. Both took it with some humor and Graves pointed out:

“They are simply suggestions in case we find it appropriate to use these preferred terms, as opposed to other terms that perhaps are not so preferred.”

Peter Rosenberg decided to present his evidence, stating that the word “structure” was used a total of 64 times during the Punjabi Prison. This generated a lot of laughter between the panel.

Roman Reigns Would Have Sent Enzo Amore Out Of The Locker Room

Another rumor that was treated was that of Enzo Amore being expelled from the bus and the lockers of Raw. JBL remembered the Wrestling Court and said that, with the exception of The Miz, none of the convicts triumphed in WWE, which does not look good for Enzo. Both Graves and JBL confirmed that Enzo does not have good relationships behind the scenes , but they expect him to win the favor of his teammates, as he is one of the most audience generated and would be a great potential addition to 205 Live.

The kayfabe returned to discuss the subject of Jason Jordan, who was considered as heir to the legacy of Kurt Angle. And even though they had a great talent in the ring, anything less than a World Championship would be a failure and their lack of charisma is their biggest impediment.

In a quick response segment, they said that the public should enjoy PPV quality fights on open television rather than complaining that there should be less wrestling podcasts and that a Shield meeting would benefit Ambrose and Rollins, But Reigns sells enough on its own.

John Cena Responds To Roman Reigns: “Be Careful What You Want”

To close, they talked about the recent friction between John Cena and Roman Reigns in social networks. JBL believes that it is a competition to know who is at the head of the cast. Graves added that it’s all about a generational change:

Maybe John Cena is still “The Type” but as far as the new generation is concerned, Cena has a foot out. […] So be here 6 or 3 months a year, this is the dressing room for Roman Reigns. If John Cena comes, we all show him our respect, he puts money in our pockets, but today, in the day to day, the man who guides the new generation to the future is Roman Reigns . John Cena does not have to like it, but it’s the truth.

Even so, JBL pointed out that Cena is still the biggest figure in WWE, only comparable to Bruno Sammartino for his longevity. And although Graves was emphatic that Reigns is the next big figure, JBL expressed doubts about whether that transition had already occurred or is in the process.

The conclusion was that Cena Vs. Reigns will happen sooner or later at WrestleMania and, when it happens, will be a historic moment . With this closed another edition of Bring it to the Table.

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