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Brock Lesnar Could Return To UFC – Will He Leave At SummerSlam?

In the history of contact sports, few athletes have been as dominant as Brock Lesnar , who has reached the top in the NCAA, WWE and UFC. After making a special comeback in 2016 and testing positive for doping, The Beast’s MMA career seemed to be over, but new information suggests Brock Lesnar could return to the UFC.

After receiving a year of suspension by USADA, the company presided over by Dana White dismissed the former Full Weight Champion , making his career as a fighter seem to have come to an end. Lesnar focused on WWE and became a Universal Champion, but his rep Paul Heyman never closed the door to a return to mixed martial arts.

Paul Heyman Does Not Rule Out Brock Lesnar Returning To UFC

The original plans were to have Lesnar as champion throughout the year, until he could face Roman Reigns in the WrestleMania 34 stellar. The low hearings, blamed for the absence of The Beast, led to a preview of plans For SummerSlam, where everything indicates that it could be involved in a multitudinous fight where in addition to Reigns, would collide with Braun Strowman and Samoa Joe. Even so, a contract renewal with WWE seemed the most likely choice.

The situation has now changed, as a Twitter user, who defines himself as an “MMA insider,” has revealed some information that has echoed in the mainstream media, according to which Lesnar and Heyman are negotiating their return to the UFC:

Paul Heyman and Brock were at the UFC HQ during IFW. Had a meeting with the UFC brass. Brock’s return is eminent. Most likely at MSG on Nov4

- #Dizz © (@TalkMMA) July 19, 2017

“Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar were at UFC headquarters during IFW. They had a meeting with UFC senior officials. Brock’s return is imminent. Probably at Madison Square Garden on November 4th . “

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