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Brock Lesnar Still Retired From UFC – Meltzer Looks At The Situation

Yesterday we reported on the possibility of Brock Lesnar returning to the UFC , including rumors of a fight at the November event at Madison Square Garden, where he would tentatively challenge Stipe Miocic for the World Heavyweight Championship. But we also revealed the reasons why such a return could take longer than expected or even not occur.

Delving deeper into the subject, Dave Meltzer wrote about it in the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer newsletter .

Meltzer said a return in November “looks impossible,” because, as we published in SUPER STRUGGLES , once you re-enter the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) anti-doping testing program , you will have to meet all five Months remaining of his suspension.

In addition, the UFC plans for Stipe Miocic is to defend the title against Cain Velasquez in October or November , although perhaps not even that fight is made, because Miocic is annoyed by the fact that in his penultimate defense, Alisteir Overeem made more money That he .

Another fact: Meltzer revealed that Jeff Novitzky, Vice President of UFC Athletic Health and Performance, said that until today, Brock Lesnar had not re-entered the USADA test program.

If today or tomorrow Lesnar re-enters the program and meets his suspension, he could fight until UFC 219, to be held on December 30 in Las Vegas. Meltzer notes:

“If you are going to fight at the December show, it would be your best option, as you would only miss Survivor Series, returning for the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania season, but sources close to the situation have said they are not looking to fight until 2018.

“Do not fight until the end of January would make it removed the Rumble, and could even threaten its presence in Mania. And if the idea is not to fight until his contract expires in April, it has no reason to return to the testing program until October, and that would indicate he wants to fight before his contract with WWE over, which is problematic given the space Of the two biggest events of the year in WWE.

“There are reports that Lesnar does not want to renew with WWE in April, that could make a lot more money in the UFC, but that may simply be a counterweight to negotiate, much as it did in 2015″.

Meltzer also talked about potential opponents for Lesnar if UFC again:

“In addition to Miocic, other viable opponents for Lesnar are Velásquez and Alistair Overeem , as both defeated him in the past. In addition, Francis Ngannou and Jon Jones .
“Lesnar Vs. Jones would be the biggest fight of all if Jones does not lose to Daniel Cormier on July 29. Even if Jones probably ended up weighing about eighteen pounds less than Lesnar on the day of the match, he would come as the big favorite. And since it’s a huge combination, it could bring Jones to the superstar level he caressed in the past.
“A fight with Ngannou would not be as big at the box office, but Ngannou is seen as a star of the future in a weak full weight division, and a bout like that would put his name on the map.
“For Miocic, facing Lesnar would be his most profitable bout possible. Miocic has attempted a boxing match with Anthony Joshua , with the idea that, like Conor McGregor , he can make more money so with a defense of his MMA title. And while the UFC would not want their full-weight champion to lose against a full-weight boxing champion (in particular because they would not even get Mayweather-McGregor’s numbers), they set a precedent by allowing such a fight. “

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