Case Closed: Paige Is Free Of Charge

The scandal stemming from a fight at the airport between Alberto El Patron and Paige brought several consequences. As the first reports seemed to indicate that the aggressor was (perhaps for logical reasons) the fighter, and not his girlfriend, GFW initiated an investigation , which, although Paige herself said she was the aggressor, produced that was unknown As World Heavyweight Champion .

In addition, Alberto lost his position as president of Combate Americas , something that, like the dispossession of the title GFW , the Patron presumes it like own decision.

As for the case against Paige these did not go ahead, because it is not a matter that must be followed by office and the Patron did not present charges.

This was confirmed by TMZ , a website where they spoke with a representative of the State Attorney’s Office of the Ninth Judicial District, who told them the case is officially closed.

But because Alberto and Paige are still together, there is no doubt that they are the protagonists of more scandals. The young British, although assured that she will return to fight in WWE , has her future uncertain, because it is an open secret that the company has only kept her in the cast due to the film they are coproducing with Dwayne Johnson and that treats About Paige’s family.

Once the promotion of that tape is over, it will be necessary to see if WWE wants to keep it in its ranks, because its reputation in the searches of Google exceeds in rank X to the searches of Chyna, and some time ago Triple H gave that like reason to justify That Chyna was not in the Hall of Fame .

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