Charlotte: “I’m Going To Put All My Energy Into Being The Best Technique”

The WWE SummerSlam (2017) line-up is practically closed on its main lines, with two contests for women’s titles already defined (awaiting Bayley’s injury ) less than 15 days before the big summer date. And it is notorious that the greatest talent of the division, Charlotte , still has no struggle in sight .

The daughter of Ric Flair chatted yesterday with Ottawa Citizen , to promote the SmackDown Live show that Sunday will take place at the Canadian Tire Center of that city. Charlotte recalled her origins and how she joined the business under the influence of “The Nature Boy”:

“For me, it was just my father’s job and I liked to take my volleyball team to their bouts. It is very crazy, it is very surreal that I do this. I would never have thought of the high school or university that would be here today . I guess it was fate. It was there by April 2012, when The Four Horsemen entered the Hall of Fame. I was in Miami with my little brother and my father. My little brother wanted to practice wrestling , he worked in the independent circuit. One of the agents at the time, John Laurinaitis , said something like, ‘Why are not you doing this?’ And I plan, ‘I do not know’. It was not something I thought about or dreamed about, it was my brother’s dream .

Will Charlotte succeed as a technique as a rue? This is how the transition fights :

“When I debuted in the main cast, people hated me. I was booed. Social networks played a bit with me. They said something like, ‘It’s there because it’s Ric Flair’s daughter.’ And I said, ‘Why does not anyone like me?’ It affected me. I had to make a decision and make a promise to be what people thought I was. If they believe that I am going to be in a way, it acts in such a way. So it was a big commitment: ‘Yes, I am the daughter of Ric Flair, yes, the most dirty player in the game, yes, I am legitimized, I have arrived here without having to do anything’ . Now, I know how to handle it. It had more to do with realizing that you are playing a part . “

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