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CMLL: A weekly look At The CMLL (From April 21 To 27, 2016) -Carististic And Cybernetic To The Final Of The Incredible Couples Tournament, Mephisto In pursuit Of Golden Mask And More …

One more week has passed and we are reconnected in ” A weekly look at the CMLL “, bringing for you the informative summary of all the activity that was developed in the oldest fighting company in the world and that celebrates in all the high the 60 years of The inauguration of Monumental Arena Mexico , its traditional setting where it has presented the best of the sport of the keys and contrallaves.

But let’s not dilate anymore and let’s summarize:

Friday Arena Spectacular Mexico -22 / April / 2016

The monumental Arena Mexico vibrated by the actions that took place during the second round of the Incredible Tournament of Couples 2016 . Eight teams looked for the longed-for pass to the final where Mystic and Mephisto were already more than ready waiting for rivals.

First the camp was made, with a member of each pair to establish the order of the struggles. In the first place, The Panther and Tiger fell before Carisma and Cybernetics in spite of their great effort. Despite their differences, King Scorpio and Ultimo Guerrero obtained their pass to the next round, imposing themselves to Titán and Vangellys. Máximo Sexy and El Terrible were eliminated after losing their match against Dragon Lee and La Mascara. Finally, Atlantis and Great Warrior achieved a good coupling to account for Kranio and Super Porky.

Next came the semifinal round, where Caristico and Cybernetics surpassed Scorpio King and Last Warrior. Great Warrior and Atlantis advanced because the Mask betrayed to his companion Dragon Lee.

In the grand finale of this stage, Carisma and Cybernetics were measured against Atlantis and Great Warrior. However, once again the disagreements were in order and Great Warrior fauleó to Atlantis when this one already was ready to give account of the ex- Prince of Silver and Gold. This mess between pair was taken advantage of by its rivals, taking them to the touch of backs. Thus Carisma and Cybernetics got their pass for the grand finale.

In the stellar battle there was a great duel. On the one hand Mystic Volador Jr. and Golden Mask before difficult opponents such as the Black Death (Cavernario and Felino). Accompanied by Mephisto. Neither slow nor lazy, the rude ones took without difficulty the first fall. Then the aesthetes of the air were reorganized and matched. For the third and final, again the technical side showed its power and based on aerial attack they obtained the victory before the joy of the fans.

Tuesday of New Values ​​of Arena Mexico – April 26, 2016

The celebrations of the 60th anniversary of the inauguration of the Arena México began. The Amazons made their presence felt through a Women’s Tournament. Ten of the best gladiators saw action: Silhouette, Marcela, Princess Sugehit, Cowgirl, Skadi, Dalys, Zeuxis, Queen Isis, The Seducer and The Commander. The competition was settled in cybernetic mode and one by one they were eliminated until the last left Marcela and Zeuxis between whom the winner was defined. Both showed harsh punishments until the national champion gave Marcela a strong knee and thus overcame her.

Order of elimination:

- Rain eliminated Reyna Isis
- La Comandante eliminated La Vaquerita
- Princess Sugey eliminated La Seductora
- Dalys eliminated Lluvia
- Skadi eliminated La Comandante
- Zeuxis eliminated Skadi
- Dalys eliminated Princess Sugey
- Marcela eliminated Dalys
- Zeuxis eliminated Marcela

Arena Glamor Tuesday Coliseo de Guadalajara – April 26, 2016

Guadalajara had its impressive Cyber ​​Tournament where ten gladiators saw action: Triton, The Panther, The Rooster, Fire, Blue Panther Jr., Bobby Z, Vangellys, Virus, Tiger and Disturbance. They started the actions and the first to leave was Omar Brunetti at the hands of Disturbio, and so one by one were left until they were Vangellyz against the local idol the Gallo. Obviously the respectable turned the side of the Rooster and with applause and shouts I support him. Motivated, the tapatío deployed the best of his repertoire but was surprised with a German Súplex and Olympic bridge by the German Battleship that took the tournament.

Elite 2016 League – partial qualification

Atlantis (6) (2 fights)

Golden Mask (6) (3 Fights)

Charismatic (3) (2 fights)

Bobby Lashley (3) (1 fight)

Xtrem Tiger (3) (2 fights)

Last Warrior (3) (2 fights)

Flying Jr. (3) (2 fights)

Cybernetic (1) (1 fight)

LA Park (1) (1 fight)

Rush (0) (1 fight)

The Mask (0) (2 fights)

Black Houses

Upcoming Meetings

Friday Arena Spectacular Mexico – April 29, 2016 – 60th Anniversary of the Monumental Arena Mexico

Match Lightning: King Vs. Barbarian Cave
Great semifinal: Volador Jr., Angel of Gold and Mascara Dorada vs. King Scorpio, Feline and Ephesto
Grand Final of the Incredible Couples Tournament: Mystic and Mephisto Vs. Charismatic and Cybernetic

Saturday Retro de Arena Mexico -30 / April / 2016 – Great Function of Children’s Day

Tremulous semifinal : Metatron and Cosmos vs. Lightning and Thunder Boy
Star of Idols: Sphinx, White Lion and Magnum Vs. Thunder King, Red Fury andMr. Thunder
Monday Arena Classic Puebla – May 02, 2016

Match Lightning VIP: Estrellita vs. Dalys
Special Battle: Golden Angel, Stuka and Stigma Vs. The Sons of Hell (Mephisto, Ephesus and Luciferus
Semi-final of Rudos: The Black Death (Black Houses, Barbarian Cave and Feline vs. TGR (Terrible, King Bucanero and Vangellys)
Stellar Hand: Charismatic vs. The mask
Tuesday of New Values ​​of Arena Mexico – May 03, 2016

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