CMLL: A weekly Look At The CMLL (June 2-8, 2016) – Carístico Grande Paso Elite; Shocker And Black Houses Retain; Mayan Warrior After Red Dragon And More …

With the pleasure of always I see you once more in ” A weekly look at the CMLL “, where we bring to you the most relevant information of what happens in the oldest fighting company in the world.

But do not delay more and we go with the information:

Thursday Arena Elite Mexico – June 02, 2016

Debuting Thursday at the Monumental Arena Mexico with Day 8, they were measured in intense hand to hand where the imposing Bobby Lashley gave an account of the skillful Xtreme Tiger in combat that awarded the Elite League score.

For the semifinal, there was an interesting duel of legends, where Ultima Guerrero and Fuerza Guerrera surpassed the combo of Octagón and Atlantis, who did not see the hard thing but the duped that the pair of ruffians gave them.

In the stellar battle, two airs confronted, Caristico and Mascara Dorada, in a fast-paced encounter where both showed the best of their arsenal. The Prince of Silver and Gold was the one that left with the hand in high and with three points more of the League.

Charismatic (9) (4 fights)

Atlantis (6) (3 fights)

Golden Mask (6) (4 Fights)

Bobby Lashley (6) (3 fights)

Flying Jr. (6) (3 fights)

LA Park (4) (2 fights)

Xtrem Tiger (3) (4 Fights)

Last Warrior (3) (3 fights)

Rush (3) (2 fights)

Cybernetic (1) (1 fight)

The Mask (0) (2 fights)

Black Houses (0) (1 fight)


Friday Arena Spectacular Mexico – 03 / June / 2016

We continue in the same scenario of the Doctors Colony in the capital of the country with the results of Spectacular Friday.

In the special, scientists Stuka, Titan and King Comet reported on the Black Death (Mr. Niebla, Barbarian Cavernario and Felino) in two rounds. The battle revolved around the rivalry of Cometa and Cavernario, who had no contemplations and came up with everything. It was the young Queretano the one in charge to leave against the canvas to the unclean one of the caverns and thus to give the triumph to his equipment. King Comet challenged Cavernario for his belt, to which the jaliscience accepted

In the semi-final match, La Mascara gave an account of the ungovernable Pierroth in two falls in a row, to take the hand of the protagonists. In the first fall the rudo was disqualified for ripping off the cover of his rival and in the second, Papi papi returned the courtesy, only this time the authority did not notice and thus took Pierroth to the touch back.

In the super-stellar turn, Atlantis, Marco Corleone and Valiente battled against an uncomfortable third of rudos integrated by Shocker, Black Houses and Ultimate Warrior. However, the scientists in a combination of experience, agility and tenacity, resisted every punishment that the evil ones infringed to them and soon they were crowned their effort before the honorable one of respectable.

Saturday Retro Arena Coliseo -04 / June / 2016

The coliseum funnel of the Mexican capital vibrated with the fight offered by Hechicero and Guerrero Maya in hand-to-hand. It was an excellent encounter where both showed their amazing progress and they are already ready to climb to the stellar planes. In the end the balance leaned on the side of the rude Sorcerer. The fans were so pleased that they did not hesitate to reward this fight with money.

In the semifinal turn, the Divine Lagoons (Blue Panther, Blue Panther Jr. and The Panther) were measured against Vangellys, Tiger and Puma. The master lagoon directed to perfection to his heirs who quickly subdued to their opponents, who could do nothing before the display of technique and coordination that showed his opponents.

En la lucha principal de la noche, Atlantis, Diamante Azul y Ángel de Oro doblegaron a La Máscara, Niebla Roja y Euforia, más por la apatía del Papi de papis que por el esfuerzo de sus compañeros, situación que aprovecharon los científicos para salir triunfantes.

Sunday Family of Arena Mexico -05 / June / 2016

On Sunday in the Arena Mexico there was championship fight. The CMLL Couples World Championship was staged where the Shocker duo and Black Houses faced Atlantis and Blue Diamond. Initiated the actions and looking perfectly coordinated, the side of the good took the lead when Blue Diamond took the shield to Black Houses and Atlantis took care of Shocker with inverted frog to take the first fall. In the second, the rudos were reorganized and quickly leveled the actions with Shocker elbow and Scorpion of 4:40 for Blue Diamond and Atlantis, respectively. For the definitive, Shocker ended with a brutal STF on the Blue Diamond, of which the scientist no longer arose.

For the stellar battle, the Warriors Laguneros (Last Warrior, Euphoria and Great Warrior) submitted to the terce of the good integrated by Mystic, Maximum Sexy and Golden Mask in two falls in the thread, taking advantage that in the first fall Golden Mask was injured.

Sunday Family of the Arena Coliseo de Guadalajara – 05 / June / 2016

Let’s go to the results at the Coliseum tapatía where in explosive semifinal scientists Reycko, Star Black and Explosive were measured before Lantern, Thunder Boy and Mr. Brisa. The battle focused on the rivalry between Star Black and Mr. Brisa, which has reached very dangerous levels, even they were the ones in charge of defining and Mr. Breeze blinded by hatred, did not hesitate to tip tremendous faul to his opponent, done Which earned him the disqualification and triumph of the technical cause.

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