Cody: “My Relationship With The WWE Creative Team Might Be Better”

As we all know, Cody Rhodes called for his release from WWE, and has since made a name for himself fighting on the independent circuit. He has also been able to carry out his dream fights against other exponents he has wanted to face as a young man.

Before leaving WWE, Cody had earned a grumpy reputation, since he always sought to make different stories to the proposals, and only on a few occasions took his ideas into account ( like the fight with Stephen Amell ). Have you ever been punished for talking about more?

Martin Hines recently interviewed Cody Rhodes for Metro. Here are some highlights:

” I do not remember being punished for speaking for myself. When he did it there was no difference. I think I have developed a reputation as a complainer, of which it is difficult to escape. Not that I wanted to complain, but I said ‘I do not like this, but here is my alternative’.

“I do not know, maybe because I’m the son of Dusty Rhodes and I have a creative mindset, but almost all the ideas I’ve had meant doing something different. But I feel like I would have played the fool a little more and just have fun and do what they told me. My relationship with the creative team could have been better, because essentially if you’re telling them each week that you want to do something other than what they’re asking you, you’re telling them they’re not good at their job. And nobody wants to hear that. “

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