Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes Comments On The Importance Of CM Punk’s “Pipe Bomb”

If WWE accustomed to feed on the legacy of many of its fighters, such as Randy Orton or Charlotte , the company did not have the same fate with the Rhodes lineage. Cody has enjoyed tremendous success since leaving the McMahon product , and is currently the Ring of Honor World Champion after defeating Christopher Daniels at the Best in the World event on June 23 .

Recently, Rhodes chatted with Fox Sports: Braves , combining a substantial interview that touched all its main fronts as a fighter. To open the mouth, the member of the Bullet Club expressed his feelings for winning the greatest scepter of independent wrestling :

“I think he was finally ready for that moment, he wanted to be a world champion since he was a kid . I was thrown and agitated by a series of events that night, I opened my mouth to the first three minutes of the fight. We almost left the air without a definitive conclusion , so here I am at the end, it is what I always wanted, and almost took them out of the air without there being a winner. I spent my time celebrating in a hospital where I got stitches, and that still impacts me today . Every time I see him and every time people ask me in autograph signings and meetings with followers, people ask me, it’s a very special feeling and a very cool responsibility. “

But it seems that the shadow of WWE does not want to leave Cody , and in almost every interview is cast some question from the largest wrestling company in the world. This time, CM Punk and his “Pipe Bomb” were the cornerstone of his thoughts on the business :

“The business right now is like that, fast. I visualized it as being in a test tube and taking samples every hour and not being able to predict something . It is due to types. I usually go back to the “Pipe Bomb” of CM Punk, a truly defining moment for professional wrestling, because it was the first time that these channels really crossed . Some of the things he talked about had mentioned them in Ring of Honor, and look what the Young Bucks have done . They do not need WWE . Not being so much a fan of where they work, but above all, being a fan of themselves individually and as a team. That attitude spread like wildfire, Has made it the most fun time to be a professional fighter and be a fan, because really, anything can happen . I’m a free agent. I have not signed with Ring of Honor, but hell, I love the Honor brand and I very much value the responsibility of being world champion. “

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