Concern For Alberto El Patron And Paige – Violence, Abuse And Drugs

The sentimental relationship between Alberto El Patron and Paige has always been stormy. It was one of the factors that led to the departure of the Mexican WWE and the irreversible deterioration in the relationship of the British with the company. However, since yesterday the situation has taken on a dark tone when signs of mistreatment in the relationship emerged.

It all happened after a police report on domestic violence was filed when El Patron and Paige were involved in a discussion at an airport . The former Champion of Divas was quick to deny the information and assured that everything was due to the aggression of an amateur. This version was denied when TMZ published an audio in which the heated discussion in which Paige shouted to him ” salt of my life, leave me alone “.

Annoyed at the accusations of Paige, the woman involved in the discussion, who later leaked the audio, exposed her version of the story before .

The woman, who chose not to reveal her identity, said that Alberto “stank of alcohol” and Paige accused him of having been using cocaine for two days in a row. At first, Paige when the British came out of a restaurant to talk on the phone visibly annoying. After that she returned to the table, but a few moments later she came out again, this time crying and crying and with Del Rio after her.

The article continues:

“” He was completely drunk and she said, ‘You’re an abusive husband, I hate you. You ruined my life and ruined my career, ‘ “the witness said.

Del Río and Paige continued their discussion on the road while Del Rio said “Check your suitcase, she has all the cocaine, it’s all yours,” the witness says.

Regarding Paige’s claim that the origin of the affair was bad news about a relative, the witness also presents a somber turn to this version:

“From what I heard, he said something like ‘I hope your fucking guy dies tomorrow’ and took his arm because he was upset that she was so long on the phone ,” the witness said. “She wanted to leave, so he got angry and took her by the arm. She got angry, threw water at him and ran. “

According to this version, the witness remained with Paige while a security guard approached Alberto when he noticed his state of alicoramiento. As it was informed at the time, GFW, company of which the Pattern is its sovereign maximum, announced that it would initiate an investigation in this respect. On the other hand, this testimony seems to coincide with the statement that WWE released last year, when it confirmed that one of Paige’s suspensions was due to the consumption of an illegal substance .

At the time, the Knight family defended the British and assured that everything was due to the medicines against the pain that Paige took because of an injury that WWE did not want to cost. However, a few hours ago one of his brothers, Zak Bevis, broke his silence to declare the concern of the family:

“I must say that I am very worried about my sister. Please be aware of it. She had an imbecile known as Brad Maddox who abused an 18-year-old girl, physically and mentally. He is now with a control addict who thinks he is very rude because he hits her and has money to erase the evidence . I love my sister. Will end up as Whitney Houston or Amy Winehouse … please share this. I want the world to know that I care about my little sister … everyone is looking out for her … you’ll be mad at me but I love you. I write on behalf of all the Knights. “

The bad relationship of The Boss with the patriarch of the family, Ricky Knight, is not a secret either and the British veteran has referred to Alberto in bad terms in the past . In another publication, Zak Bevis announced that his father would make a statement soon, but at the time of publication of this note has not manifested.

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