The Curb stomp

Dangerous and painful finishing move in wwe

Wresting is one of the most wild and intense soap opera that includes lots of painful finishing moves. Wrestlers spend lots of time learning and practicing things that will help them to perfect their craft and also guide them to make sure that they are safe in the ring. All the moves in WWE are not safe. So WWE has decided to ban some of the moves that may seem simple but cause much damage to the opponent.

The Curb stomp,Painful Finishing Move:

The Curb stomp

The curb stomp is easy and straightforward move. In this move you need to run up and hit your opponent’s face using force of your leg. This move was popular in Japan same as all the crazy moves. WWE Superstar Seth Rollins is famous for setting different kind of painful moves. He added this move to his repertory. Rollins is famous for ending matches with this painful move, in a single hit to win a Shield. Actually this is one of the dangerous move, as it may cause severe head injuries to the opponent. That move was banner in 2016 by WWE, although it did not cause damage to anybody in the game but still to safe people from any accidents. According to WWE, this move was safe if It is used in right way, but due to concussion lawsuit, WWE has decided to ban it as WWE does not want to give anything to people that make them think that WWE moves are not risk free and painful.

We may see it again after sometime but it is not going to happen until lawsuit is over

Orton punt kick, Another Painful Move:

Orton punt kick

Long times ago,Randy Orton was violent wrestler who was agree to do anything that results in winning or taking others out even he had to punt opponent’s head off  to get to win. He has used this move with John Cena’s father and Vince McMahon who is Chairman of WWE, this is one of the painful finish moves.

About two years ago, another move called Orton’s punt was banned by WWE. According to WWE, If this move is used most often during wrestling,It may result in injuring opponent to make him quit and also It may cause severe head damage. Orton has hit his opponent several times using this move until it gets banned. WWE does permits right people to use banned moves too but WWE did not allow anyone else to use it.

BrainBuster , Dangerous Finishing Move:


Some moves are worst from the start, BrainBuster is one those moves. It is another dangerous and painful move. In this move wrestler drops opponents on his head. This is one of most dangerous moves, while dropping it hurts shoulders but may result in head damage. Because it was too risky to use so WWE banned it. Unlike other moves which may get unban after sometime but this move will remain ban forever.WWE only allows some people to use this moveshooting star press. Billy Kidman used this move last time. It was banned in WrestleMania 19 for everyone else later then no one was allowed to use it. Brock Lesnar almost broke Lesnar’neck and then it was banned. WWE did not approve any request to use it after Bourne’s retirement.


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