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Daniel Bryan Confesses What Is The Main problem Of 205 Live

It is a miracle that due to the low profitability of 205 Live, this show is still taking place every Tuesday. But despite the policy of cuts that will be reproduced over the next few months and the considerations of the X-Division of GFW , it seems that the cruises will keep their niche within the company’s programming. From Chris Jericho to ourselves here in SUPER STRUGGLES we have offered solutions to the problem of this division, and today joins the General Manager of SmackDown Live, Daniel Bryan .

And it is that few names have greater power in this subject; One of the last fighters who ended up opening the doors to this style and the subsequent realization of the brilliant Cruiserweight Classic. Under the podcast of Edge and Christian , Bryan reflected on whether two talents coveted by WWE would succeed in knowing the state of the cruise division :

“This is what I think: at first I thought so, but I also think that WWE gives a lot of importance to the characters . I was able to excel, in plan, ‘this guy does things a little different because he does things like that.’ And that helped me get over it because it was different, okay? If you expect to get to WWE and excel only by your acrobatic style, I think it will be very difficult if that is your only trick. One of the things that really impresses me of both while watching the evolution of both Will Ospreay and Ricochet , is that they have worked more their characters(…) And I think it is a kind of genesis, who knows where they will be able to reach. It’s not that a guy with no personality comes and does a lot of spots. It’s about, ‘These guys make great spots, but they also give importance to the development of characters and stories as opposed to something just like,’ Hey, look at the cool tumblers I know how to do! ‘”

Then Bryan delved fully into the issue of 205 Live, and gave his opinion about what is the big problem of this division :

“I think one of the serious problems they have with 205 Live and cruises is that they do amazing things, but do you know who else does incredible things? AJ Styles makes Springboard 450º Splashes, right? For someone who really understands , okay, I may see that the degree of difficulty of Mustafa Ali doing that, I do not even know his name, a 450th Splash inverted or something, I do not know, it ‘s incredible . But for the normal fan, is that more shocking than AJ Styles doing a Springboard 450th Splash? And he’s a stellar player who has time for promos and all that sort of thing. “

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