Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan: “My Brain Is Fine … I Will Fight Again”

Without mincing words. The current General Manager of SmackDown Live , Daniel Bryan , again breaking the headlines in the Luchist world after disclosing that his brain injury is not really serious. With this, it is already known why “The American Dragon” insists so much on his return to the stringed.
This was revealed by former Bryan Danielson in the independent world in an interview published in the latest issue of “E & C’s Pod of Awesomeness,” the official Podcast of WWE Hall of Famers Edge and Christian , Yesterday, Friday, August 18, 2017.

Here are the statements of Daniel Bryan on this controversial issue of his brain injury that forced him to retire from WWE 18 months ago:

“When I was young, I was out of school for a month and I missed him too much. This is what happens with wrestling. For me, wrestling is something that nothing can replace, I enjoy it too much.

“I had a conversation with Vince McMahon, I do not agree whether it was before or after WrestleMania 30, but I remember he told me that I wanted to make Roman Reigns the next John Cena and I was fine with that, but I told him that I wanted to be next John Cena.

“After my last concussion , I was discharged by several commotion specialists I consulted on my own, but that was not enough for WWE.

“So, first, WWE, and in particular Vince McMahon , forced me to go with their experts to get tested in my brain. The former was a concussion specialist in Phoenix, Arizona. They discharged me.”That was not enough for WWE, so I asked WWE what else they wanted me to do. So I went looking for a third opinion. I went to the University of California in Los Angeles to be examined by a team of concussion specialists, who did a lot of different tests. They gave me medical discharge.

“I came back to WWE, and once again they told me I did not have medical discharge to fight, even when in three independent institutions they gave me medical discharge, two of them with doctors the same WWE chose.

“So they sent me to do some experimental things. A test that has not even been approved by the Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ).

“They did some kind of reflex or impact test, they connected some things in my brain and they proved that and whatever they did. So I did that, and they told me I had an injury in a certain region of my brain . And I said, ‘Wow! It’s over?’

“So I called Vince and told him I had this lesion in my brain. I started to cry when I hung up because my wrestling career was over. And the next week, Vince called me on Saturday and told me that I had to be in Seattle, Washington for the Raw show, and that I had to give a retreat speech. At first I did not want to do it, but Vince convinced me that it was for the best.

“So after everything died, I got the call from one of the doctors who had first been discharged me and asked me what had happened that made me retire.

“I told the doctor that they had found an injury to my brain. And then the doctor told me that in medical terminology, an injury does not mean what it normally means. I thought I had a cut in my brain, but the doctor told me that in medical terminology, an injury is a very vague term. And that may just mean there’s something there. Not necessarily a cut or something like that.

“Then that doctor checked the report, the test results and told me he had an injury. And what he found was that my brain reflexes in that region were slower than they expected. That is why in the report they wrote that as if it were an injury.

“This region of my brain has a slow reflex compared to MMA fighters and professional soccer players, MMA fighters and other athletes they usually examine on their premises. But the results do NOT show that my reflexes are slower than you should expect them to be in any human being.

“And this is important, because I am not really a man of the sport world, I am not an athlete, I am an interpreter, so obviously you would expect that the response time of my reflexes in that area were closer to those of a person Normal, not to those of an athlete or athlete of high performance.

“Added to this, this doctor did not have a baseline to compare how fast this reflex used to be in the part of my affected brain. So even there is no way to know if there really is any damage in that part of the brain, or if that is the normal speed at which that part of my brain works.

“After that, I went to the Joe Namath Institute to take more exams and there they told me that my brain was no different than a college football player. Yes, I have had some concussions, of which I have only been able to document ten throughout my career, but I am not a person who is at risk of brain damage.

“I’ve even taken more tests and the doctors tell me that now that I’ve been out of wrestling all this time, my brain looks like someone who has never had contact sports in their lives. And now, with all that has happened, I see no other reason why I can not go back to doing what I love. Maybe it’s not full time, I do not even know if I want that, since I have a daughter now and I do not want to be away from her.

“I do not like to say promos, it’s not fun for me, to be there every week and see people fighting like Dean Ambrose and not being able to do what I love most, it makes me sad. If there was an indication that I should not return, it’s okay, because my health comes first and being a good father comes first, but right now there is not.

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