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DDP: “At 42 They Said ‘You’re Done’ – At 43, I Was The Champion”

Scott Hall and Jake “The Snake” Roberts , have battled a lifetime with addictions. The abuse of drugs and alcohol has taken its toll over the years to former wrestlers.

After many legal problems, fights and trips to rehabilitation centers, Diamond Dallas Page finally came to the aid of his friends by helping them with his DDP Yoga program, which, in a way, saved their lives.

Diamond Dallas Page spoke to CBS Local Sports about it:

“Estoy muriendo…” – Scott Hall le dice a DDP y Jake “The Snake” Roberts

Como hemos, visto una gran controversia ha surgido ultimamente alrededor de Scott Hall , con relación a la ayuda suministrada por Diamond Dallas Page, a través de su programa DDPYoga, el más reciente ingrediente que se suma a esta situación es donde Diamond Dallas Page, publica el siguiente vídeo en donde se ve cómo en … Sigue leyendo

Scott Hall and Jake Roberts:

“Scott still has some drawbacks. Even though he did very well with his transformation, he really did not want to stop drinking. He did and he does not drink, but he does not want to leave. He has been relapsed once or twice, but technically he has been sober for five years and without problems for two or three years .

“On the other hand, Jake realizes that he no longer wants to be the person he was, which is what he forgets to Scott. I feel like it’s part of finding themselves. Many people have seen friends and family in the same situation, seeing how they can be sober for a certain time and then relapse.

” All I know is that it allowed them to both end up where they belong, which is in the WWE Hall of Fame .”

About your personal experience to overcome adversity:

“You have to work, it’s like everything. From Steve Austin to Triple H or Kevin Nash, you can tell that I am the most hardworking type you have seen, and that is why I started fighting at 35, my career took off at 40 and I came to the Hall The WWE Fame. I lived every dream I had, and my dreams came from my greatest adversities.

“I was at a peak in 1997 and 1998. I had just signed a multi-million dollar contract and injured my back. They were the worst days of my life, because I went with three columnists and the three told me that my career was over. Well, that could not be, because he had just reached the top. I could have listened to them, but by then, my whole life had been spent doing what people told me I could not do, so I was not going to listen to those doctors, but to find a way to fix the problem.

“And I solved it through yoga. But yoga did not give me everything, because I mixed it with sports rehabilitation techniques, I added old-school calisthenics, lizards, squats and sit-ups with a slow movement. And before I knew it, I already had a serious style of training that today is known as DDP Yoga.

“In less than three months I was back in the ring. At 42 I was told that my career was over. At 43, he was the World Heavyweight Champion. “

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