Dean Ambrose

Dean Ambrose: “I Have Achieved Many More Things Without The Shield”

A little over a year ago, the WWE Universe vibrated when Dean Ambrose first made the company’s top scepter at PPV Money in the Bank (2016), which marked the peak of his popularity. Today, the situation is very different for the “Radical Lunatic” , which nevertheless remains in the orbit of a great title, Intercontinental, after his fight against The Miz last Sunday in Great Balls of Fire. Because as our partner Sebastián Salgado indicated , already urges a change in his character , or at least some creative route more interesting for him.

Perhaps that’s the reason why , watching also the stagnation of his two former colleagues, many fans expect a hypothetical meeting of The Shield , a team that has already been engraved with gold letters in the history of McMahon product. Ambrose does not believe for the moment that this is possible , and yesterday he spoke again about his successful past in the fight formation under an interview granted to The Herald Dispatch , among other matters:

” They threw us to the wolves and we connected immediately . We went week after week, we understood each other, we did many things on that trip, everything worked. That had to have an end; Three new guys come in and they slam the door . It is very rare that three personalities work like this, we leave a mark on people. I’ve made more money, I’ve got a lot more things and I’ve had more work without them . “

The next highlight was the road to stardom at WWE and that victory last year:

“It’s hard in any line of our work to reach the top. You can not run away when things get difficult; There are things that are going to happen to you. You have to believe in your abilities to be able to do all this and give it all. I could run over a bus tomorrow. I have lived an incredible journey, I love doing what I do , I am fortunate to have traveled the world, all kinds of memories, stories. “

“You know the titles come and go . You do it by having a belt, then you leave and you have to work to get one again. In a moment you win a Battle Royal, you fight with a stick of kendo, whatever it is, I do not know any other way, I have been doing this for a long time. How is my body? Fatal, I feel like shit. Doing this for a decade is not bad . “

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