Defending The UK Championship Next Week At NXT

We are talking about 205 Live, but the British division of WWE is going to be equally wasted that its companions of cruising weight. When Tyler Bate and Pete Dunne hosted one of the best fights of the year on NXT under TakeOver: Chicago, the UK scepter has not been defended again under the company screens ; nor under the official episodes of the show yellow nor under the special TakeOver. However, it seems that this dynamic will change next Wednesday .

Two weeks ago, in the episode of the yellow mark made from the Barclays Center of Brooklyn, Trent Seven and Tyler Bate faced Dunne and Wolfgang . The latter demanded a starting opportunity for his partner if both won the bout, and due to his victory, the next edition of NXT on September 13 will feature this fight for the British scepter .

As I said, it will be Dunne’s first televised defense since he won the belt and the fifth in total counting house shows and events in other promotions . His first three defenses took place during three consecutive days of the UK tour NXT at Download, on 8, 9 and 10 June. There, he beat Mark Andrews , Trent Seven and again Andrews, respectively. The fourth was not in WWE territory, but in the promotion ICW (07/29/2017), when Dunne was again victorious in a Fatal 4-Way against BT Gunn , Seven and Wolfgang. Could be a fifth against Jack Gallagher on Aug. 12 inside another British company PROGRESS, but a major cut in the head the previous day during an independent show left the “Bully Weight” out of action that weekend.

Thus, Dunne will live his second defense with Wolfgang of participant , although now will be main protagonist. And in all, the thirteenth since the premiere of the UK WWE Championship , back in January this year in the Blackpool tournament. For now, and until the plans are completed, NXT is the only scenario for the talent of the archipelago, although hopefully the next TakeOver also has room for them.

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