John Cena torpedo Dolph Ziggler's

Did John Cena Torpedo Dolph Ziggler’s Ascent?

The recent article by our colleague Walter Medrano on the “curse” of The Nexus came to reiterate an incontestable truth in the last years: that that sambenito of burial of John Cena supposes a very debatable judgment . Next Sunday, Baron Corbin may succumb to another “curse” that already affected, among others, Dolph Ziggler (who is now tackling some extra-luchístico ). The “Showoff” always declared, under combative terms, to hate the rapper for his successes. But recently, we have found out that perhaps this outrage transcends the screens .

Kevin Eck, a former WWE screenwriter, showed up for Wade Keller’s podcast and talked about how important that matchup with Cena will be for Corbin’s career, advising him to do his best under a great stage and above all, Before the still face of the company, filter by which all the talents must pass after an ascent. And to do so, he set the example of Ziggler :

“Dinner will always be very sincere in the assessments that I have to make. Dolph Ziggler is the first guy that comes to mind, when they had an angle between them, at first, John was enthusiastic. John wanted to work with Dolph . And they did the usual circuit of house shows, and as rude, the rudo traditionally carries the weight of the fighting and John let Dolph carry the weight of the fighting and was not very impressed . “

Eck continues his narration, giving the clues of perhaps why Ziggler never became a real superstar in WWE :

“And apparently, John gave his ratings on Dolph to Vince and I think they made him make certain decisions that Vince was already hanging around , and once the angle was over, he ended abruptly because Vince told us a Day at a creative meeting: ‘God, I think we’re doing Cena a disservice, this is hurting him.’ And Dolph was taken out of this way. “

This story goes back to 2012, when Ziggler began a rivalry with Cena that lived his high point in the PPV WWE TLC of that year . Although Dolph took the cat to the water there, later his successful exchange on Alberto Del Río produced a reign of only two months as World Champion of Complete Weight. The WWE Universe had then Cleveland among its favorite fighters, but we know that the public does not always have the last word.

The complete Wade Keller podcast can be heard here .

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