Dixie Carter

Dixie Carter: “I Heard That Raw Will Be In Nashville … Interesting”

As we announced it, one of the rumors about the mystery that’s up Kurt Angle can be related to Dixie Carter , former owner and president of TNA / Impact Wrestling, who worked with Angle for a decade.

Given that Angle said Monday that Monday will be known as the person who has been sending him compromising text messages, it is not ruled out that Carter appears there, since the transmission will be from Nashville, the base of TNA.

Carter was interviewed by Justin Barrasso for Sports Illustrated , and this is what he said about Angle and his possible appearance on Raw:

“Kurt and I trusted each other, and as a result many of the best fights in the history of this business were achieved. From the beginning I felt a great responsibility to help Kurt, both professionally and personally.

“Professionally, there has never been a more complete fighter. He knows how to speak through the microphone, is very charismatic and possibly the best talent on the ring. It has also ensured that all who face it have great struggles. You just have to see your work with Sting, EC3, Jeff Hardy , AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and so many others, and the common denominator is him.

“Kurt has a huge heart. He is a very emotional person and is always connected with his emotions. I needed help and I was happy to help him. I like challenges, especially when they have a personal part.

“It was very comforting to see Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Sting and others speeding up, because you can not accelerate thoroughly if you’re not happy on a personal level, which is always important to me. When you have it, magi happens . “

On which many current WWE stars have come from TNA:

“The fact that these incredible fighters are enjoying this success is a great compliment to the hard work of the men and women who built TNA. I am proud to have been part of it. “

If the following Monday will appear on Raw:

“I heard that Raw will be in Nashville, which sounds very interesting. But I can not affirm or deny it. “

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