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Does Sasha Banks Announce Her possible WWE Exit?

Does Sasha Banks announce her possible WWE exit ? In the last hours, the fighter has published a mysterious message that leaves thinking to its followers within the American company. The details below.
This is a message published yesterday Sunday July 16, 2017 through his personal account of Tumblr called sashabankswwe and in which he shares content not related to his career as WWE Superstar , but rather his personal life as Mercedes Kaestner-Varnado. This is the message:

It is important to note that after two years in the independent United States scene, Sasha Banks made a tryout (Admission Test) with WWE in June 2012 and on August 18 of that same year it was announced the signing of its development contract with the company. Signature that may well have happened exactly on July 16, 2012.

The one that Sasha publishes that “new beginnings approach” in its life was related by its fanatics as the intention to leave WWE to compete fiercely in another company.

And although there are those who believe that Sasha refers to changes in her personal life, such as having a child with her husband Sarath Ton , so it is interesting to note that the publication is around the date in Who could have stamped his signature with WWE.

Recall that in the past, Sasha has already used his personal Tumblr account to give his personal opinions and stay out of his character, such as when he denied the report of Dave Meltzer in which he said he was injured and when he asked for a better Management for the division of women in WWE:

Sasha Banks Wants Better Management For The WWE Women’s Division

For now there is no more details in relation to this information, only what Sasha published so that the speculation began. After a few months away from television, the “Legit Boss” defeated via count of 10 out of the ring Raw Champion, Alexa Bliss, in the past Great Balls of Fire 2017 Pay-Per-View event , which could lead to it To get a starting shot at the SummerSlam 2017 PPV.

Connoisseurs, what is your opinion? Does Sasha Banks announce her possible WWE exit? In what other company would you like to see her struggling? Or do you think it will be a temporary retreat to have an heir?

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