Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler Does Thumb Wrestling At New York’s Times Square

Because tickets for the four events this weekend at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York were not completely sold out, WWE has launched last-minute campaigns to mainly promote the SummerSlam 2017 PPV and Dolph Ziggler interacted with The fans in one of them. What did the smug blond do?
Nothing more and nothing less than challenging men, women, and children traveling through the busy and famous Times Square , intersection of Manhattan, New York at the corner of Broadway Avenue and Seventh Avenue.

This could be known thanks to a person who published in the Subreddit “Squared Circle” of the site dedicated to wrestling under the user of “daingelm” . This is the story that tells us:

“Actually, my dad sent me this picture. She’s in Times Square and wanted me to give her confirmation that this guy was actually a pro wrestler. I said yes and go ahead, I did thumb-wrestling with him, but he did not. However, he told him in a very confident way that he would defeat him.

“For someone who does not see or have no interest in wrestling, of course he could make a devastating promo against Dolph Ziggler, in fact, he said:

“‘He’s acting as if every person who squeezed his hand would squeeze it harder than the previous one. I think he’s pretending part of that. I would beat him, but we can not stay because we would be late to see ‘Hamilton’ (a Broadway musical). We actually only came to Times Square so Dad could see the naked woman with her breasts painted. “

Here is the photo that captured the mom of “daingelm” with Dolph Ziggler challenging the pedestrians to a Struggle of Thumbs. And no, please do not be distracted with the beautiful girl with model pose in the background:

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