Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre Is The New NXT Champion!

NXT TakeOver Brooklyn III has just finished, and unlike other editions of the maximum event of the yellow mark, the epilogue of this show had a taste of Ring of Honor, even though Drew McIntyre was crowned as the new monarch, the real big moment Came from the hand of Adam Cole, who intervened to imply that he would be the next candidate for NXT Champion.

The fight between Roode and McIntyre was very slow, but in the end it took pace, since the intensions of the Scottish were obvious, had to obtain the redemption at all costs and to achieve that, the fall of Glorious Roode was obligatory.

After two Glorious DDT, McIntyre knew how to gain distance to finish off his opponent with the Claymore to get the count of three and thus, become the first NXT Champion.

However, the end of the event was not with the consummate redemption of the new champion, but came a moment later, Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly distracted McIntyre, then Adam Cole, the newcomer, finished with a Superkick and so, end this event.

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