Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre: “Think Of Me As The NXT John Cena”

Drew McIntyre returned to WWE a while ago to try to achieve the success he could not do a few years ago; And for the moment, it looks like his new path to success has started off well by winning an NXT Championship opportunity against Booby Rhode on TakeOver: Brooklyn III .

Now, McIntyre was the special guest on the X-Pac Podcast : Sean Waltman’s X-Pac 12360 , where among other things he talks about his role in NXT, Jinder Mahal’s victory , and his resemblance to John Cena .

Regarding its importance in NXT compared to the 16 Times World Champion John Cena :

” Just think of me as the NXT John Cena. If something happens and someone does not want to do it, then I’m your guy. I’m doing this and I’m happy. It’s not fake, I usually like this. “

On the victory for the WWE Championship of Jinder Mahal:

“I was there that night in Chicago. The NXT pre-show the night before, I stayed for the PPV the next day. I did not want to know the result, and I asked them both (Jinder Mahal and Randy Orton ) not to tell me, I went to see him from the crowd. And when he won, most of the NXT roster was headed for the bus, and I ran like the Ultimate Warrior, straight to the “gorilla.” I was there waiting for him and I broke a 3MB air guitar. “
About wanting to be part of NXT and not of RAW or SmackDown Live:

“Just the buzz in the locker room, just the way the shows are together. How much is your opinion It’s a team effort, and that’s how it feels like a great team effort. I did not want to be in RAW or Smackdown, I said it publicly before. I wanted to be at NXT, and Hunter brought me his baby, wanting to be part of it is a great honor. “

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