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Eight Films Influenced By (Or have Influenced) MMA

The dominant mixed martial arts company, UFC, returns to Aztec soil with a Fight Night event . Without being as strong a poster as a pay-per-event, UFC always presents good level confrontations .

This discipline, which a few years ago received serious criticism for the brutality of the fighting and now generates millions of dollars, has a close relationship with the cinematographic environment. Now that you are experiencing a period of success, it is not uncommon to see fighters in high-profile movies or movies. George St. Pierre and Gina Carano have entered the Marvel universe with Captain America: Winter Soldier , and with Deadpool, respectively . In the relaunch of David Lynch’s cult series, Twin Bisks, Michael Bisping has a brief appearance as a security guard.

The indestructible trilogy achieved a dream showdown for UFC fans and WWF / WWE in the 1990s: Randy Couture vs. Steve Austin . Josh Barnett, Anderson Silva, Lyoto Machida have had movie appearances as low as their budget.

Finally, below, we present a brief list of films that stand out for their contribution to MMA, quality, curious moments or cast reunited.

(The Octagon, USA, 1980)

Chuck Norris is a man who was trained to be a ninja, but declined to that life. The problem comes when his half-brother and classmate makes a band of people specializing in Japanese teaching to wreak havoc. The fort where they are has the shape of an octagon, hence the man of the film. The shape of the cage where the MMA fighters fight went from here. It includes a sequence of the former ranger walking well accompanied in the Zocalo capitalino. In addition, because in Mexico the film was called Octagón (and not the literal translation “Octagon” or Final Duel, as in Spain), inspired the change of character to a Mexican fighter called ‘Elegant Threat’ to be Octagon , the master Of the eight angles,

Contact Bloody
(Bloodsport, USA, 1988)

Before Van Damme fell into the vices and use of botox, he managed to be an action movie star with movies like this. In his first lead plays anecdotes ( apparently fictitious ) of Frank Dux, American artemarcialist who obtained great triumphs and records. Touring with people from various parts of the world, putting disciplines such as boxing or karate face to face, inspired the start of the large-scale mixed martial arts industry.

No Surrender
(Never Back Down, USA, 2008)

In this film, called Breaking the Rules in Spain, a boy with economic problems decides to join a promotion of clandestine fights. While training to do so, he initiates a love affair and helps the adolescent in charge of promoting internet duels. Vibrant action sequences caused it to generate outstanding box office revenue. The main battle sequence won an MTV Movie Adwards prize in the best fight category.

The Last Fight
(Warrior, USA, 2011)

If boxing has the Rocky saga as its highest standard, mixed martial arts boast this. Two brothers, one with financial problems and the other looking to pay old guilt, enter a tournament with a juicy economic prize. Starring Joel Edgerton (Kinky Boots, The Great Gatsby) and Tom Hardy (The Origin, The Night Knight Ascends, Mad Max: Fury on the Road). Great performances and history placed her among the best films of that year. It has different details for people who follow this discipline in a habitual way. In addition, his father is an old man with problems of alcoholism interpreted by Nick Nolte,

The fighter master
(Here Comes the Boom, USA, 2012)

The great fans of Kevin James ( who was an amateur wrestler in high school next to Mick Foley ) made him look for a project where the passion that generates this activity showed. Impersonating an apathetic teacher in love with his teaching partner, in the hands of countrywoman Salma Hayek, he begins to fight to earn income that will save his school from bankruptcy. Who prepares to get into the cage is Bas Rutten , charismatic expeleador that makes some of the funniest sequences. Also featured are other fighters like the hated Chael Sonnen and popular announcer Bruce Buffer . The film is known in Spain as Heavyweight.

Valley of the Fight
(Fight Valley, USA, 2016)

When it started in the big MMA business , UFC president Dana White was asked if there would be women fights in the Octagon. The answer was simple: “Never.” After the success of people like Miesha Tate , Gina Carano and Ronda Rousey in Strikeforce had to reverse his words. This film stands out for giving the ladies a leading role. Her story falls on the cliché: a girl searches for the murderer of her sister who died while competing in a clandestine fight league. Newcomer Tate, Cris Cyborg and Holly Holm are all in attendance . Besides that, it does not offer much the film.

Stronger than the world
( Stronger than the world, Brazil, 2016)

With production from the UFC and Globo Filmes, he approaches the life of José Aldo , one of the most outstanding Brazilian fighters of recent years. His journey ranges from illicit activities in the favelas to starring posters in Las Vegas. Without much diffusion outside Brazil, it obtained good critics to leave the classic maniquea version of the biographical films.

The business of pain
(The hurt business, USA, 2016)

Narrated by Kevin Costner, shows the different stages that a guy who seeks to succeed in the field of MMA, from fighting at almost illegal events to millions of dollars to face thousands of fans in the great sands of the world. The problem faced by low-profile fighters so that the profit of the last fight can solve their expenses until the next duel. His testimony is given by announcer Bruce Buffer, stars Josh Barnett, Michael Chandler and Rashad ‘Sugar’ Evans among others.

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